Please help evaluate trichomes for harvest

Tried to get some decent images.Snap_022 Snap_021 Snap_021


I may be too close. Please advise. Thanks

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Hey buddy! Great pics!

Here’s a chart to help you determine your preference for when to chop - imho I’d say you are still looking mostly clear atm perhaps with a little bit of cloudy starting to creep in.
Good luck!


Thanks so much for your input. There are 2 strains and 6 total plants. Do I need to test and harvest each one separately? They were all started together.

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Yep, for your best desired results check them all individually


Thanks for your help.

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Make sure you are looking at the bud NOT the leaves. The leaves will advance before the bud.

Will do. Thanks

Snap_025 Snap_024
Seems to be getting cloudy. Some amber think

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Looks to be a sugar leaf, make sure its a bud shot. With the amber coming in on the leaves like that, i would imagine the buds are getting close.

It is untrimmed bud, Could be that the image is all leaf tho.

Upon further review this is a small piece of bud.



I am new to this forum and a new grower. I have been growing auto flowers with limited success until this blue deisel auto fem. It looks like I will get a decent crop. My question is, is this one ready to harvest?

The trichomes are still clear but I have about 40% browning of the pistils, if that is the correct name for these items.


Opps heres the photo.