Please help diagnose

A question from a fellow grower:

Can you help diagnose the issues with these plants. I can’t seem to find the nutrient deficiencies based on the articles I read from your blog.

maybe to much down load Roberts grow bible

At that stage I don’t think you should need any added nutrients. I also think they should be moved to bigger planters at this point. I’m sure an expert will get back to you, but those are my thoughts.

Yes, too much nutrients, or they are in too nutrient rich of soils for seedlings. Also what is the pH of the soil?

Also those seem in too small of planters, maybe. It could depend on so many different things, we could know a whole lot more about what is going on in your environment. Check out the support ticket and fill it out. Fill out a "Support Ticket"


You need to check under your leaves for critters.
If you see any get t DE here is the link

If you don’t then you have White Powery Mildew I noticed this right away and you will need something for this A. S.A.P
Any one of these products will kill off and prevent it from. Commuting back, also check your PH in soil.
Hope this helps. Let me know what you f I nd.

B Safe

Plant Shield
Garden Disease Control
Fungicide containing Lime, Sulphur

JMS Stylet Oil
Saf-T-Side Spray Oil
Sunspray Ultra-Fine Spray Oil
Neem Oil
Neem 2
Safer Garden Fungicide
Concern Copper Soap Fungicide
Guardian Angel
Serenade Garden Disease Control OMRI
Safer 3-in1 Garden Spray OMRI
Sulfur Vaporizer
Garden Sulphur
Sulphur Burner
Sodium Bicarbonate
Mother Nature’s Karanja Oil
Concern Copper Soap Fungicide

The plants were not fed any nutrients. They were over watered so I re-potted them into new coco soil. They are doing better now, but I want to know what those white dots are? Also, one of the plant has webs of spiders growing on it now, so I have to get rid of that.

Any one know what those white dots on the leaves are caused by? I can’t find it anywhere in the blogs or the grow bible.

Like @garrigan said, it is probably powdery mildew. Also, his reccomendation of diatomaceous earth should be the solution to that, as well as your spider(-mites.) You can get food grade DE and it is perfectly safe for the plant.

Do you apply DE to leaves that show the powers Mildura or how is it applied for mildew on. Leaves

At first he didn’t say anything about spider webs.
Ya you have spider mites and that 's where your white dots are most likely commuting from.
I suggest you get the DE as grooving said and you’ll be fine.

B Safe


You can brush or “rub” it directly on the leaves, in modest amounts, of course. You should also do a light sifting over the top soil. That stuff will drain away as you water the plant, but anything on the leaves and buds will have to be washed off.e

Ok thks will do have been applying to soil already could the mold be due to the fact I put them in my shed for there dark period

Hey Ice how you doing buddy.
Somerset e this link on how to clean off mold or white powdery mildew
Hope it helps

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