Please help decide. GGAF Day 85 from sprout. These are my two most mature. Can I cut this weekend?

First of all here are my conditions

What strain, ILGM Gorilla Glue AF
-Age of plant 44 days from in ground
-Method: FFHF
-Vessels: 2 gallon fabric pots
-PH and TDS of Water, PH every the last few weeks has been 6.5-6.8
-PPM/TDS or EC 900 PPM on 700 scale
-Method used to measure pH and TDS Apera EC&pH 60
-Indoor or Outdoor if indoor, indoor 2.3 X2.3X 5 feet mars hydro
-Light system LED, SF-2000@65% power
-Actual wattage draw of lights 125 from wall
-Current Light Schedule 18 on/ 6off
-Temps; Day, Night day averages 72-78 day 68-72 night
-Humidity; Day, 45-55 night 50-57
-Ventilation system; , AC infinityT4 exhaust paired with S4 intake on same controller. Room it is pulling fresh air from is 72f and 45%RH
-AC, basement room is always ~68-72F big dehumidifier has room at 40 %RH constant to help tent
-Co2; , No
I will show a bud picture and underneath trichromes for each of the 2 plants

I see some clear, no amber. You’ve got about 2 weeks at least.

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sorry all did not upload and cant edit


When did it start flowering?

Week4. Tomorrow is start of week 12.

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ILGM says it is an 8 week flower so you are close. Keep an eye on the prize. I still see some clear in those shots so I’m sticking with my original estimate of about 2 weeks.


Do I look at the trichrome “bulb” head or entire trichrome including the base?


The head will turn cloudy first. I look for the start of amber. As soon as I see it, I move to harvest. Sometimes I wait for 30-60% amber.

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Are you including transition time? How many days since crowns? The first day you have crowns is the day most consider day 1 of flower. Transition over.


crowns? might u have a picture?

Good question. Shame on me. When the GG auto description seed 10 weeks I thought it was ten weeks. Next grow will by photos. I have been going if other memebership GGAF grow journeys

First appearance of pistils at the tips.

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so not the hairs at the joints but on the potential bud sites themselves?

Yes. This was day one of flower of one of my current girls in flower. There were no crowns the day before.

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outstanding @Budz @MidwestGuy thanks for this.


@Budz mine is that the stage of ur pics right now so I guess I got at least another 5 weeks​:joy::joy:

9 weeks from sprout and I feel like myn got 4 more weeks