Please help… can’t get our plants stabilized

Our plants do well and then overnight they take a turn for the worse…. Can anyone help? We are at a loss right now… light schedule was 18/6 today changed to 12/12… Bloomspect DIMMABLE SL 1000 LED Grow lights full spectrum with Samsung Diodes with reflector hood for 2x2 coverage, tent is 2x2x4, hand watering, dirt probes (measure water, light and ph), fan, humidifier (fan and humidifier come on at 6am and cut off at 1am) humidity range 65-70% temp range 77-82 degrees… temp does drop occasionally to 74… dirt used is happy frog (brown bag) there was a small gnat issue but it’s taken care of (neem oil - sprayed on dirt and plants for past 5 days) any suggestions we’ve already lost a batch of plants not being able to stabilize them… we’ve been reading up on things but we are missing something’s obviously… see pics below… we appreciate any and all suggestions…beginner growers this has not been easy as some have made it…

Your plants are nute burned. What soil are you using and are you measuring runoff PPM?


We haven’t put any nutrients on them… and no we haven’t measured runoff… soil is Happy Frog (Fox Farm)

“Hand watering”: how much how often?

Your job is to setup and maintain the environment then get out of the way. The plant will take advantage of a proper set up. Room temp, leaf temp, RH, light intensity, Air flow to remove stagnant hot air and allow fresh supply of CO2 rich fresh air, root zone moisture control and nutrients.

Here’s some reading: 5-Step Solution to 99% of Cannabis Growing Problems | Grow Weed Easy

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Thank you… I will read the article… I have been using dirt probes they measure water, light and ph… that was my guide to watering… every 2nd day or so I would water the plants…

I think that’s your issue. Get rid of that meter. They are notoriously pieces of crap.

Water is heavy (~8 lbs per gal). Pick up the pot. If it’s heavy (like a gal of milk) don’t water. Only water when the pot is light (like a pint of milk). It might be two weeks between watering or it could be sooner. That’s ok. Only water when the pot is light or the plant tells you it’s thirsty (droops). …not according to a schedule.

Get a good pH meter from an instrument mfr. (Apera, Hanna, Milwaukee, others)

Get a light meter. The Photone app for your phone is acceptably accurate.

When you pick up the pot and it’s unusually heavy for its size, poke some holes and use a bamboo skewer or chop stick or something and poke some holes all the way thru to the other side all the way around in that pot to help it dry out. You can’t put enough holes in that pot if the root zone is drowning.

Also, if you can elevate the pot off the floor with a cpl blocks, a rack, or something to let the water drain out the bottom.

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Maybe stress from switching the schedule?
The experts have to say isn’t better to cut the dying leaves so the ladies can heal faster.

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Pots that size should not need to be watered that often MJ does best with a wet dry cycle if the roots are always wet they can/will rot.

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Do we trim any of the bad off the plant?

Commencing to hole poking in pots…thank you

Looking for the appropriate items suggested now… thank you

If you can afford about $60 the Apera20 is a great meter. If not there’s a bunch in the $20 range that are so so… definitely better than what your using though.


For the gnats I like mosquito bits for the soil and the yellow sticky traps for the adults


So far if you don’t nute you plants they hungry and over watering I’m in happy frog farm soil and never had that problem
Foxfarms soil had nutrients just to week 4 o 5 them you need to feed you plants

Happy growing and happy 2022 welcome to the community

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In looking at the ph meters such a wide range approximately how much should I plan on spending? Is there a more favorable model than another?

Can I put them together? I tried changing from where I originally posted it… I’m sorry for any confusion.

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What is recommended to feed them? How much? How often?

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Awesome… checking Amazon out right now

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