Please HELP 2000 PPM!

I am currently changing the entire 35 gallon reservoir as i type this. Currently 8 hrs into purifying water at 3 gph for 0.0, my question is do i need to flush? all started last night when i accidentally topped off with nutes instead of plain RO water, i didnt realize i had poured from the wrong 5 gallon can until this morning and they are showing how unhappy they are about this. their current PPM is solid 2000 on hanna scal with a 5.8 pH reading from 3 levels of the reservoir. those numbers have changed from 14 hrs prior at literally half the PPM. im feeding GH Flora Duo with Si, Calimagic and Hydroguard

Remove all liquid, replace with flora kleen and water

Let that cycle for a few hours then replace with correct solution for your girls to get back on track

Flora kleen will help strip the salt build up so you can start again. The girls may show signs of that for a few days as well as a bit of nuts burn on leaves that will never go away


done and done!, thank you!

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update i found the issue and i never would have even thought about this but i traced it back to my rodi water purifier. i was pumping straight into buckets getting PPM leech from not flushing the filters between the previous use :frowning: …really

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@NUG61 might can assist a bit he bout half way through his journey with them bubble guts buckets :bucket:.

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