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I cannot seem to identify why my plant is unhealthy and has this brown spots on the edges of leaves… looked online cannot seem to find the right answer.
would appreciate very much if u can help

If you fill out a “support ticket” with all the vital information we will be able to give you a diagnosis.

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Strain : Amnesia Haze Automatic
Soil used small pot like 3-4 L
Solution : PH ranges tryied to keep it 5-6 but varied to almost 7 at times
Nutrient : Just a little Grow Coco slow release food mix grow liquid mixed in water as I`ve had nukes burn. I think I have mixed in soil a little beams of Slow release food granules not much.
Indoor growing natural light system day cycle.

To me looks like to much nitrogen, and working on a cal mag deficiency

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Thanks for reply.
How can I correct this ? Should I buy a special solution to correct the defiencies ? Thanks again

Flush it first, then feed nitrogen half of what you did and get cal mag, it will help out a lot, and my pleasure

Try to stay away from the slow release or time released nutes they don’t work well for Marijuana…

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Epson salts at 1/4 teaspoon per gal will cover the mag short fall and add a few other things they like.
Stop when in full bloom.

Do Epsom regularly or just when a problem arises?

I had the exact same problem and it is a nutrient deficiency. I thing that it would be better to buy cal mag. It is designed to address issues like calcium and magnesium problems. Also, I agree that you should flush. Also, I used Feed Me MSU formula at 1/2 strength. It contains all of the macro and micro nutrients that your lady will love. Solved the problem with my plants. Your plant is exactly like mine was like. Hope this helps.

What type of Epsom salts ? It’s the food grade or the medical one is fine either ?

Thank You,

You can use it from seedling to flower but I stop at 5th week in flower and it does add 100-250 ppm.
You can wait for a problem but I am a strong believer in being proactive not reactive.
Calmag and epson salt are good to use together they have different things plants need
I used both and have never had a deficiency since using both.
I had a problem with bud rot and end rot in my veggies and used epson salt and have been clean for the last 2 years.

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