Please give opinion is this a hermaphrodite?

Ive grown a few times before and had yellow bananas appear but never like this. Im finding what looks like pollen sacks at the nodes. Im almost a month into flowering cycle. Ive heard this is the sign of a true hermie not a stressed induced type. Before i waste almost 3 months of my work I need some opinion lol thanks in advanced

stem with leaf broke off

oh i wish that was it but thats not whats in question. its the thing that looks like pollen sacs. Ive now found and took off about 10 of them. none had opened yet so i believe Ive caught it in time to save my other girls from being knocked up. I figure a month or so left to harvest i will throw her outside and let it go. thanks for the reply though

Definitely looks like a pollen sac. I was going to suggest what you’re already doing. Pick em as you see em.

I think i got most off but this one plant has been so different than the others of the same strain. it has always seemed weaker and stunted. its sad cause it has developed good buds so far. If you pull the sacks do they usually return on a true hermie ?

yes…pollen sacks developing

Probably not in the same location but could easily spring up throughout.

thank you for the help. Im super grateful to have it confirmed. id have lost sleep over it no joke :slight_smile:

Yes sir they are pollen sacks. Make you some seeds. Only thing hermi’s are good for.