Please follow, Starting from seed.. 3rd time grow.. first with new lights.. 2 Mars hydro 1000w

Just getting started on some ILGM critical mass and zkittles. I soaked them they sank in about 15 hours. Now I have them in jiffy peat pellets in a dark place still. Any help is welcome from here. I will keep posting as I go. Should I keep them in the dark or put them in the window or do you guys think I can place in my tent with lights way up to the ceiling. I have a 2x4x5ft tall tent. I will be using 2 Mars hydro 1000w lights with dimmer. 150w from the outlet. Fox farms ocean soil. Plan on moving the girls in the peat pods to a solo cup with seedling starting soil and then when the root ball fills out the solo cup moving to the final 5 gal pots. Also have fox farm trio for nutes. Good ventilation. Checked the temp with fans going and lights both on high and it’s around 78-81. Also have a cool air humidifier I’ll be using.


Welcome to the ILGM forum , you are going to like it here!


Welcome to the forum , you should have lots of references on your strains. Zkittles are everywhere and I have seen a few posts in the last couple days of people starting critical mass.i got a couple critical xls going myself.


I have read up on them. My previous grows I used 4bulb t5. And these new Mars hydros aren’t the blurple lights. They are closer to the color of my t5 bulbs. Can someone tell me what I should do next? Leave them in the dark for a couple days or what would you suggest!?

Thanks been here before. Can you answer any of the questions I posted?

Replied below your post. Please offer up some feedback.

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I keep the lights on mine because they begin searching for to right after they break soil. I personally don’t use the peat pods I go straight to soil but if your tap root was good and developed when you dropped it in there it should be fairly soon you see leaves.


The tap root wasn’t out yet so that’s why I’m keeping them in the dark. They soaked up water and sunk. When they come up a little I’ll move them to the tent. What height. It says 24” for seedlings

Sounds about right

They definitely should be in good light, but probably higher than 24" unless you turn it down! Then you can move it down if you see too much stretch! Sorry I missed that question in your post! You can put an@ in front of screen name to get some ones attention like @Smeds

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I wouldn’t go from peat Pot to solo. I’d go to at least a gallon Pot, the more times you transplant the more times to f# it up.

@SKORPION @borialis @Holmes …It’s either that or I go from peat pellets to 5 gals fabric pots… because otherwise the only other pots I have are 3 gal and I’m def not going to try to get 3 gals of soil and a small marijuana plant out of a 3 gal fabric pot.

So that is why I decided to get the root system rolling in the solo cups.


Update. From the original seeds I have 1 that germinated. Lost 3 so i germinated 2 more on Wednesday evening. Just bumped the lights to 100% @ 25 inches. The new seedlings look alright the older one seems to be stunted. Just watering with a dropper at this point right around the base of the plant out about 1-2”…

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May I tag you to my old journal, please look at it. You should use a dome it’s in my journal


Edit @ 26”. I have 2 fans inside the tent and one exhaust fan aka a window fan!! :wink:

it’s now at 58% humidity

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You just need to get a good start germinating. You need to soak them 24 to 24 hours in water with 1 tsp peroxide the peroxide breaks down the protective membrane. Then I use a dinner plate cover with a damp paper towel 4
And place seed. (keep in mind I never touch the seed I use tweezers) then cover with a damp paper towel then another plate creating a dome. I never place a seed in soil until I have a 1/4 inch tap root

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I’m pissed I’m mean 24to 48

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Need not be pissed! @SKORPION … smooth vibes brotha! One week update soon!

7 day update. The older one is a runt. Hope she pulls through. The 2 bigger ones started in soil 1 week ago I believe. Anyway they are 7 days old. Lol too ripped :slight_smile: