Please Don't Laugh pt. 3: Scrog, DIY Tent

Quick update: first-time growers purchase True OG clone from dispo almost two months ago.

After heeding the wisdom of this group’s elders, we got decent light, soil, nutes, etc. Framed out a 2x3x4.5 tall pvc grow space. Advised to reset the veg by topping and LSTing her.

Growth started taking off. Decided to scrog her. She broke through the screen quickly, and I trimmed her below.

Started wrapping the grow frame in Panda Film.


  1. I’ve been tucking the new growth toward the outer edges of the 2x2 scrog every day, and if she continues at this rate, she will fill up all 64 3-inch squares in the next week or so. Do I need to do any further topping or pruning? Stay the course?

  2. Does anybody have experience building their own tent out of Panda Film? I know I need to keep it completely lightproof for 12 hours a day when she goes into flower. Of course, we want to have easy access during the other 12 hours - is there a good way to wrap the remaining sides so that they block out all light while still being easy to open?

  3. We have a 4-inch fan kit on order for the flip, but I’m not sure how to create a vent for fresh air to enter the tent without letting light in. Ideas?

  4. Any suggestions for a small, adjustable humidifier that won’t run out of water before 12 hours is up?

Thanks to all who read & answer!


Flip when 60% of the screen is full.

They make stick on zippers on amazon. Someone sent me a link, but they exist.

Most people make a cardboard baffle, or create enough bends, or a long enough intake to keep light out.

The evaporative type is the best, and puts out the most humidity.


Laugh at what you tied her down and built an awesome little net setup. I didn’t try scrog till my third grow I think you’ll be happy. Stay the course and weave her outwards as she grows. Your doing it just fine, don’t doubt yourself she looks happy. I know some ppl put pots of water in tents as well trying to up humidity more so up north when heaters are on drying out the air.


FYI. No one here is going to laugh. If they do, then they’re probably not going to last here very long. The community doesn’t put up with that, unlike other sites.


Thanks so much for input, Covert. You’ve been a source of good info starting with my first post. Scrod is about 50% filled, so the timing should be great for this weekend to finish wrapping the frame, installing the vent/fan kit, humidifier, and putting on those stick-on zippers.


Thanks, LoCo & Fixer as well! I may try the open water bowl technique for now and see if that ups my RH to 50% or so - it’s seems stuck on around 35-37% for now.


Im trying to figure out what we are supposed to laugh at? This DIY set up looks great! You got some great help here, Covert knows whats up. Happy grow!


Hang a wet towel it work better.


I do the same thing, pitcher of water with a rag hanging out. It sets in the sink so no dealing with a drip.


Thanks, Def. We were such noobs two months ago, we had no idea about overwatering, blurbles, etc. Made a lot of rookie mistakes, but with everyone’s support, we may actually end up with something harvestable!


Will do the wet towel idea now. Thanks!


I am in the exact same boat. I started out in Aug on my first grow. I knew nothing and have made plenty of mistakes, but they are still here growing!


Awesome! Got any pics to share?


Yup …that was it a wet rag I heard that one. Do ya got her a lil fan inside the tent too? I think your gonna be stoked with her size if you haven’t even flipped yet? Oh man welcome to the site btw I missed that earlier…


Yup, got a little fan blowing 24/7, which I guess will be even more useful once we seal up the tent and flip her.

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Now just don’t love her death and give her time. It’s funny how time usually slows down when your baked but before you know it youve been in the tent for an hour. LoL whodda thunk it could be so inspiring to stare at a plant. LMAO


Bro, I feel the same… how many times have I done the same thing??

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:clap::clap::clap: nice job on your diy setup, she’ll pay you back for your hardwork and nurturing.


I think it must be like that old saying about fishing: time spent pondering the beauty and potential of a happy cannabis plant cannot be deducted from one’s life.


Thanks, Okie70!