Please Don't Laugh pt. 2

Okay, it’s been a couple of weeks since we topped our True OG clone below the 2nd node from the top, put her in a 7-gallon grow bag, added more FFOF & Perlite, bent her over, tied her down, and kept her inside under a decent light. Thank you again to all who steered us on the path of righteousness. If anyone needs more backstory, it’s here.

My concern now is her new growth appears yellow, and some of her newer leaves are yellowish near the bottom. After researching, I came to the conclusion that she has an iron deficiency and did a pH balanced flush (which really perked her up) and then a foliar feeding with iron chelate and diluted Dr. Earth 3-2-2 yesterday morning. (I have also seen that clones are susceptible to yellowing.)

I’ve heard that foliar feeding would lead to near-immediate results, but so far, things still look a bit yellow. And as you can see in the above pic, the spraying left some brown residue from the Dr. Earth on the leaves. I tried to gently wash them off, but they’re still a bit discolored. Will this be a problem down the road?

Also, you’ll see that all leaves are now in threes, with no fives at all. I’ve heard this can be from stress. Should this be a concern?

In terms of general grow health, I keep expecting something more vigorous and bushy, especially looking at all the great shots of plants that are so much further along. But mine just still seems a bit slow, no matter what I do.

Any input on any of the above is appreciated.

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Looks like the color of rapid growth to me. If you watch it grow over the next couple of weeks, you’ll see the newer growth turn the darker green the rest of the leaves are.

If you allow it to grow more leaves, you’ll see some full sized ones on there. We often see odd numbers of leaves during training sessions like yours.

Thank you for posting!

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Thanks, Covert. That’s encouraging. I might have been overreacting. Any thoughts on the foliar feeding? I suppose if the yellow is not because of iron deficiency, foliar feeding may not be called for, although I’d love to boost growth any way I can, maybe with standard (and more diluted) NPK fert…

I don’t recommend foliar feeding. I’ve seen more issues from people doing damage than any positive outcome.


no issue. just new growth…as stated earlier