Please critique my plan

I am brand new to the growing and I am very excited about it. I am an older person that lives in Michigan USA. It is now legal to grow here so the wife gave me the go ahead and her I go.

Here’s my plan.

  1. I purchased the outdoor mix from ILGM and it arrives today.
  2. I plan on dropping (6) of my seeds in water for 24 hours.
  3. I will have leftover seeds what do I do to preserve them?
  4. Wet paper towel in baggie until they sprout a little.
  5. Place the sprouted seeds in little containers with For Farm Ocean Forest in them.
  6. Keep a grow light on them 18 hours a day and water them with a mister.
  7. Four weeks later transplant them into bigger pots with the same FFOF.
  8. When weather permits transplant outdoors (many questions when that day comes).

Please critique my plans with any suggestions. Keep in mind I am a bit older and I am not hip to some of the modern nomenclature you may use.

Thanks everyone


I keep my leftover seeds inside ziplock bags, in tupperware, with some silica packets, in the veggie drawer of my fridge.

Fox farm ocean forest is not the best for starting seeds. I’d get some seedling specific soil.

18 hours of light works, I go 24/7 until theyre established.

Keep them warm. A cable box or a seedling mat will do the trick.


Dude! You said everything I was going to haha.


OK thanks guys. I got some seeding soil at the Nursery today.

@CadCaman fox farms has happy frog for seedlings. I have a ton of success with it. Then I change over to ff of.

I would add don’t have a set time before transplant. It won’t be four weeks before transplanting if your starting container is too small. Don’t let then get root bound before you transplant.

I agree, solid plan. When you place them into paper towel you want it damp, not soaked. Then make sure to trap some air into bag, and put it some place warm like on top of cable box.

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Welcome to the forum there are a few of us from Michigan active on the forum. I’d add little hydrogen peroxide to the water your using on the paper towel. I like to soak mine until I see that crack and a tiny root is exposed, then I go to paper towel. In my area I would not put anything outside until June 1 for fear of cold weather and frost.

What kind of set up will you be using indoor?

My set-up indoors will be a LED growlight via Amazon and a cardboard box with the top and bottom cut off and the insides lined with aluminum foil.

That hydrogen peroxide really surprises me. I’m not sure I will try that on my first run. I couldn’t be more of a rookie.

I think I will go back to Blaines and get the Happy frog for seedlings. If all goes well I will be transplanting into 7 gallon bags with a half FFOF and half FF Happy Frog mixture. Does that seem acceptable to everyone?

BTW - I will growing outdoors in my special south facing patio off the master bedroom in my house (wife is OK with it so far).

Thanks, everyone

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Just be aware aluminium absorbs more light than it reflects. I used a flat white poster board that worked well from Walmart. Edit or buy some flat white spray paint and paint the inside of your box

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Whenever you transplant from a cup to your big pots I would fill them 100% with the FFOF. Happy Frog is good for the seedlings or you could mix about a half cup of FFOF into your seedling soil amd that will feed them while they are in the cups.

I strongly suggest since this is your first grow…to follow the advice of one person…there are a ton of ways to grow great cannabis, and alot of methods clash with each other. So before you start taking directions from 5 people, I would suggest learning from a single person.


:point_up_2: very true. As far as method goes, there is a bunch. They don’t all jive together so picking a mentor is beneficial. Otherwise you chase your tail with all the possibilities. I’ve switched styles 10+ times lol. I grow one way see what I did and didn’t like and moved to the next method. Now I’m settled on one way that’s great for me.

I will go with something white instead of the aluminum foil.

Thanks everyone