Please could use help w the harvest

Not sure when to harvest, as of January 8th the plant was 1 inch above ground, this is a pic as of today April 6th. Whem should i harvest??

Get a jewelers loop or a microscopic camera you’ve gotta watch those trichomes (little rosin drops on and around the bud) first they will be clear, then milky that’s when allot of people harvest or if you want a more glued to the couch effect wait until they start to turn a reddish amber color also all those pistols sticking straight up like that in your picture, its not ready. When it gets closer to being ready you will see those pistols or hairs start to turn red and curl in towards the bud. Some people go by the pistols alone and harvest when 70% to 90% of them have turned red. Personally i think watching the trichomes is the way to go.

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Here’s a picture of trichomes

Couple of weeks.

The tips given will make sure you are able to discern for yourself👍