PLEASE Check Your Air Pump Today


I recently hung my 2 air pumps mid-air. I saw inside the air intake tonight and saw a dark color. So I unscrewed the covers and inside is a pea-size clump of plant residue blocking it. The foam is darkened from heat. The pumps are warm from lack of airflow. Cleaned it up and now pumps are cooler and air flow into dwc buckets is tripled. Moral to story = Check Yours Today. Like a dumbass, I had bought new airstones because the old ones were not working good enough. This could have been a disaster.



The dark colors on the foam strips are burn marks, not dirt!


How easy/hard is it to take the pump apart? I want to do it immediately!



Ok, take it to actual bits or just check in the hole? I guess I need to do this… air flow has seemingly sucked


Thanks for that great info, and for sharing



Piece of cake. 1 screw to remove intake cover


Gotta keep a sense of humor since I have been pushing hot air into my buckets


How long will this take? I have 4 plants hooked up to my pump, so I’ll need to turn it off in order to take it apart. And do you think it’ll be too hot to touch, or am I just worrying too much?



For this exact reason what I do is I take a coffee filter cut it a little bit smaller than normal size and take a rubber band or zip tie and zip tie or rubber band it around the inlet of the air pump and then you will see how black and nasty they get cuz it’s just like a pre-filter , so they’re easy to just take off and swap out versus sucking all that crap through my pump… also I would suggest that when you’re hanging your pumps try to hang them so that their level …by having the pump sitting cattywampus could cause the pump to fail or an abnormal where issue on the inside parts… :wink:

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@ktreez420 just takes couple minutes to do. @peachfuzz great advice, as always, was wondering what to put over intake, coffee filter goes on today. Thanks, to be honest, when I saw the burn marks on the foam it scared the heck out of me.


found stuff inside my 6 inch fan/carbon filter also. Vacuumed it out and put an unrolled copper kitchen pot scrubber over the intake. When I stretched it open, it fit like a rubber band around the intake.


it’s been 6weeks or so and found this old thread, checked them again. Sure enough I had to clean them again cuz of white powder this time. Air output is much improved.


Can someone show me how to take one of these air pumps apart @bryan? Please?

I unscrewed the screws, but I don’t see the gasket type pieces you guys are talking about. Any help would be much appreciated!



One screw! Remove white cover only.


Even with the coffe filter prefilter?

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Ended up removing it when pump started running hotter. I did check it inside when I added res to room this week and still collecting junk inside intake hole on one, the other one was clean. Been checking about monthly.


hey @AmnesiaHaze thanks for reminding me that I have not checked lately


Lol hey @bryan your welcome bro, just reading and puffing my vape pen :v:️:+1:


great minds think alike. Just trying a Sour Diesel vape right now, then off to comedy club with my sister. Wife off with friends for 3 days and I have no idea what to do anymore. Too damn old, but I do got a vape pen to go to the club with.