Please advise - Roots coming through 5 Gallon Garden Bag

I’m sorry I posted this question in another thread I made and didn’t get any responses, presumably because the thread’s topic had nothing to do with this concern.

I transplanted a 35 day auto about 11 days ago - it was in a 2 gallon previously (I seriously underestimated the soil needs).

Last night I noticed some roots at the surface of the dirt, and this morning i found roots coming through the bag. I’m in the second week of flower, I don’t really want to transplant again.

Have you experienced this and do I need to address this or can I let the roots just come out and do their thing?

If I need to do something, the best course of action I can think of is to drill some drainage holes in a 18 gallon rubbermaid, put the 5 gallon bag in, and fill it with soil high enough to cover the roots. If I do this, I will probably cut slits in the bottom half of the bag so the roots have an easier path into the surrounding soil.

If she did this in 11 days, this bag will be shredded by the harvest regardless.

Thoughts? I assume this is time sensitive and if I need to cover the roots I should do it asap. It’s all over the bag, not just this spot. She drank over a gallon of water today already and the tray is dry again, and she was saturated all day yesterday, so she wasn’t making up for anything.

The plant on the left is the one that did it, it has grown from about 12 inches to 30 inches since going in the 5 gallon bag and getting new lights 10 days ago, I think this is an abnormally vigorous plant - I thought the other was a runt, but maybe I had it backwards.


As far as I know it is not a problem. The air pruning that normally takes place inside the pot is now also taking place outside the pot. If for some reason the roots are not getting air to prune them off, they will grow through the walls. If you set the pot directly on soil, the roots will penetrate the bag (due to lack of air pruning) and continue growing into the soil. This is why pots are set on risers. Is there a chance this bag was in contact with a neighbor or something to prevent adequate air circulation?


As soon as the roots get exposed to air, they should die back. Basically it can self prune itself when it comes to roots growing out of fabric bags. :+1::+1::+1:

They should be just fine.


The plant on left is in the streach and transition to flower that is reason for growth, all is looking good tho. Doing good my friend :smile:

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It happens. They will eventually die back :+1:


No they have been separate the whole time, I didn’t have a fan on them until about a week ago, but other than that I can’t think of anything.

Thanks everyone, I’m glad to hear this is normal, I wasn’t aware of “air pruning”, so I have something to read up on tonight.