Please advise, might be nothing?

I think I down loaded pics. Here is what I got. 1 lithium o g kush
Fox Farm potting soil. From seedling, this plant is 11 weeks old, started 12/12 at 9 weeks. Fim and LST training as I type. In 4 gallon pot. 3x3 x5 grow tent. 900 led light. 50 RH at an average 77 degrees. In a State where it is a felony. About every three days water with 6-6.5 ph, test vial with drops. Have been useing Fox Farm trio nutes. I am amazed by the amount of bud sites! A few leaves, the stems are turning like red. No yellow leaves, Zi don’t know, just does not look right. Thanks in advance for advise.

No pics posted.

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Looks good to me, sometimes we over analyze. Will be following.

She looks extremely good from the photos. That deep dark green maybe genetics. But it also maybe a bit too much nitrogen. Maybe next feed skip or go a but lighter on the nutes. No idea about the red stems but i do know who u tag :joy::joy::joy::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: @garrigan62 release the literature!!! :joy::joy:

Reemphasize she does look lovely

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Some strains will change colors on the stems. Not an issue.

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Thanks Noobie. P&G 74 (like #24),442,
I forgot a few leaves have tan/brown tips, very small, watered today with straight h2o at 6.5 PH. I lost one to using a mix of Fox Farm and Penngiton soil, lost her at 10 weeks. Looked good one day, next done, wilting and browning in 20 hours. That is why I am paranoid. Any thoughts using fox farm trio of nutes? Thanks

Yup sounds like nute burn. Keep it pure h20 maybe for the next feed. Then start back at maybe half the strength of grow nutes. You can Slowly start to reduce her nitrogen intake anyway. They use less as the get into flower. Not completely stop. Just less for first 4-5 weeks of flower

if your leaves are turning bluish green and stems start turning red or purple she wants more tiger bloom, (Phosphorous). I use just the foxfarm trio and with great success, just no where near the amount that they suggest… i don’t know your doses your givin her, but if your going by the foxfarm soil feeding schedule then just up the tiger bloom another 1/4 teaspoon per gallon and stay with same doses of big bloom and grow big. then watch her, if petioles just started turning red they will clear up unless u leave it too long then they will stay red. hope this helps

and main thing is always make sure your ph is in check and that u flush regularly… sounds like ph got away from u on other plant is why u lost her so quick. ph can get out of hand in soil overnight, especially if your not flushing or allowing 20 - 30% runoff.

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@dinoKid and a@purpNGold74

You both have this issue well in hand. Great job you two.


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thank you sir… @garrigan62

Thanks Dinokid and PurpNGold, and 65 for looking in.
I went to straight 6.5 H2O and did a 20% flush yesterday. I will check in a few minutes this morning when the lights come on. Because of where I am and my circumstances, the 77 degree I get ( hooked up to air supply register). Thanks for all the help and will fill you all ina few weeks. (Unless I run into problems.) :laughing: lol. At 66, have had a lot of grows, just not inside, trying to do everything perfect. It sure was a lot easier in the early 70’s


I pray every year for red stems!!! When I have plants with red stems those are my really good plants !

Thanks DinoKid
New to this site, engaging anyway. How do I tag someone like the obvious master garrigan65. Thanks again, we are on same page except I have not had a problem with the trio Fox Farmsp nutes, using the feeding schedule. Nothing for two weeks, 1/4, 1/2 ect until full feed. This is my fifth inside grow. I could write a book of mistakes. Thanks again dino, p&G, 777 and of course 65’s approval. Peace out
PS. She looks good today, straight 6.5 ph H2o yesterday. Tell you guy’s,girl’s and whoever. Doing Robert ‘s way, cutting 3/4 off, fim’ing and LST is the way to go. Never seen so many :hibiscus: ‘s on the bent over branch’s. Later

Its super simple. Just type @. Then said person. Like @Freedom21

no problem, anytime. glad to hear girl’s look good and looks like she’s goin to have plenty of cola’s too… keep up the good work and yes experience is still the best teacher. Happy Growin!

Kid & @garrigan62, @PurpNGold74, @tanlover442, @noobie and not least, @Marijan7777
Dino, you say flush often. Here’s my question You say flush often, how often? Now I go by Fox Farms soil schedule. Agree about the need for Phosphorus in flowering stage. How much, the 1/4 extra of FF bloom enough. Read somewhere a 0-40-50 at real small 1/8 tea spoon or so was adviseable. I ramble, sorry. I don’t hydrate till 3 days usually, 6.5 h2o and trio with cap of cal mag. Do you mean to flush between waterings? If flushed often, still use nutes? Thanks anyone with your thoughts, it is appreciated. peace out

Pretty sure the Fox schedule calls for flushing every two or three weeks. But, they are talking about using their flush product.

yep, i go by schedule, usually before flower and every 3 wks after, UNLESS you run into problems like over feeding, pH out of whack… And if you veg longer… if your going to use a flushing agent won’t take as much water but you will need a way to tell when to stop flushing. like a tds meter to check how much salt is left in runoff. don’t have one? then u need one.

if your talking Big Bloom, then no. I’m talking about tiger bloom. about where your at in flower i’m using 3 big bloom ( every feeding throughout, more bud sites, stickier, tastier buds ) 1/4 grow big, and 1 Tiger Bloom. All teaspoons per gallon…

now i’m not sure where you’re at, did you flush before flower? how much tiger bloom were u giving her? if you were giving her 1/2 then go to 1 tsp next feeding. if a 1/4, then 3\4 then 1. point is looking at size and health work your way to 1 tsp. see how she does and if petioles start to turn red again or redder, give her more… 1 1/4 tsp. etc.

got to make sure you have at least 20% runoff ( little more when water ) to flush leftover salts and stuff.

hope this helps. and yes cal-mag

And one more thing is don’t give her anything but pH’ed water last 2 wks. tip: first wk of last 2, give her 3 more tsp’s of Big Bloom and buds will really push out, increase mass…

Thanks Kid
I get most of what you are saying. I do follow the FF trio, 2-2-3 teaspoons every other feeding. I thought flushing was just plain 6.5- 7 ph h2o. I will read upon this. Oh yea, no problem with FF trio. The other lady was my fault, not FF. They look good although small looking buds. I know they will fill out and will try your trick three weeks before expected harvest. Thanks all.