Please advise me of the correct procedure for adjusting E.C up/down

A question from a fellow grower:
Could you please advise me of the correct procedure for adjusting E.C up/down, is it just a matter of diluting the solution with fresh water to lower the E.C ( I am using Advanced Nutrients products) which I have found to be double the strength at the recommended dosage?( & have had to half the dosage rates to be in the correct E.C Value, My last crop nut burned when following Advanced Nutrients advise & the E.C spiked at 3.6+)

I have also used Molasses & Malt in my Hydro solution as the Molasses adds trace elements & the malt has b1 b3 b6 b 12 vitamins. I add at a rate of 1 tablespoon per 20 litres & since doing so Have seen a dramatic revitalisation in my plant after being ravaged by Caterpillars two types & then suffered from spider mites.

I was just wondering if you had heard of this before as I received the info about the above products from a qualified Horticulturalist, Lastly what should my watering regime be in a DWFT System at present I am watering once every 12 hours for 15 minutes at a time, I do understand & correct me if I am wrong but not over-watering a plant actually helps it to produce resin & Terpenes as a defence mechanism.

Hmm, EC does seem a little high. I would double check schedule you are using ml per liter or per gallon and that’s how you are applying. But you can definitely add water to mixture to lower concentration if need be.

I’m not a hydro grower, but I’ve seen a lot of the others comment about molasses and such causing problems within their res, like foaming. I would look out for possible signs of that if you’re not already.


My first thought when you said the ppms were twice what AN says they are, is that your tap water is hard and has a high ppm to begin with and feeding full strength is too much for them. Do you know the ppm of your tap water?


Hello everyone, & thanks for the feedback too answer a couple of questions put to me regarding this grow, Fist I only use Molasses & Malt as a 1 off pick me up for sick or battered plants I have never had foaming issues in my nutrient tank this may be due to the fact I only use Australian 100% pure unrefined Molasses or Malt
1 Tablespoon per 20 litres or 5 gallons & treat for 1 to 2 weeks max, Have never seen THC Depletion this way, In fact the opposite the last outdoor I grew believe it or not I used all acid type fertilisers actually & got 16 ounces dry from 1 plant!

Western Australia typically has hard water due to most of it coming from limestone artesian basins running underground so tap water E.C is typically 0.5-0.6 E.C in this region, However I make allowance for this & adjust nutrients accordingly i.e Advanced Nutrients states 2ml per litre of water I use 1ml per litre to achieve an E.C of 1.8-2.0 Max Veg 2.0-2.2 Max Flower