Please advise male or?

@merlin44 good to see you back I noticed you hadn’t been active. Hope everything is well stay safe.

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I’m not sure if this plant is Male or female, I’m hoping I end up with at least one good plant. Please advise

I am sad to report that both photos appear to be males to my aging eyes.
Is this two photos of the same plant?

How many males so far? How many more to look at?

I hope that you get at least one female.

Yes both pictures are same plant.
I think I might end up with only 1 female. No balls , but I better give it a couple more days before I bother you kind people on asking.
You are all so helpful, thank you for your help

It is no bother, ask away @Joseph2. Tag folks so we get notified that you have a question or just sharing.

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