Plc Photo Boost strip light engine


Plc currently has them in stock. For anyone looking to buy. @dbrn32


That was fast!


I’ve got 10 ordered.

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Sweet! Did you get heatsink extrusion and drivers too?


Not yet.
I’m going to go with the heatsinks they recommend and 2 hlg-185 (as you recommended).
I’ll be bugging you for design advice when I gather all the parts.
I hadn’t planned on building another light so soon. I just went with it.

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I hear you. I’m tempted to grab some, but I think I’m going to hold off and wait on the Samsung strips. I’m expecting them to be pricey


Ha. If $28 on sale isn’t pricey, I don’t want to know about the Samsungs.

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Arrow has something like $32 if you order 120 or more with 8 week lead time up. I’m expecting $40ish each.

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Maybe the next light build…

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I hear you. I don’t even have a place to put one, but I’d still like to check them out.

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A little build help


I’m wondering about strip spacing on the 80/20.
In the video he’s using 20" of 80/20, with the strips placed approx 4" apart, for a 24" wide grow area.
I’m looking at a 36" wide grow (or slightly more if it’s enough light). If I follow his spacing, Five 1" strips wide, w/ 4 inches between, is 25". Is that wide enough to hit the outer ends of 36"? Should I space them 5" apart instead, giving me a frame that’s 30" wide?

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I would go to like 30" give or take, whatever makes sense close.


That’s what I was thinking. Just wanted to run it by you.

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I just might try to build one of these. It looks simple enough. Would be perfect for my 2x4 tent. I’m not sure my Viaspectra 700w is enough. Although I have had some decent results, I think this light would do me better.

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Although I don’t have actual experience yet, data suggests it would be far superior to your viparspectra.
I’m expecting it to be better than the qb’s, cobs and diy bridgelux strip lights I currently run.


Watt for watt it is. Not a ton better, but better lol.


I’m not expecting my plants to suddenly start pumping out an lb each of rock solid killer bud. If the plants are happy, my electric bill is happy, and I get a slight increase in bud quality, I’ll be overjoyed.

Every grow gets a slight improvement. Every grow I learn something.


Hands down better than mine? I want to build this so bad. lol

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I don’t remember what you are using?