Playin in the dirt again 😁

@Floridabud, you will get more help if you start your own discussion. I provided the link to the support form, I suggest you copy/paste and fill in your relevant information. Have you gotten the digital PH meter yet?

@NavyVet420 I do not have a ph meter or ph up and down :grimacing::grimacing:. I’ll be getting that soon. I do have my own thread but no one answered but I already got answers from here!

Regardless of what you do at this point, you are going to be chasing your tail until you get a PH meter. You also need a TDS meter. All of this has been mentioned before.

Not much longer WWA-

Group pic of secondary grow- GSCXA on far left is still way behind the BBA and WWA. Containers with no cups are my WWA.

Test bud-


Yuck!!! Found bud rot :disappointed::cry:. The bane of all outdoor growers.

Damm I cant like that

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Damn, I went through that. I threw away 6 ozs at least. I got paranoid and anything even close to the affected area was trashed. In retrospect I should have used the marginal buds to make oil.


The bud rot continues. Thought I would beat the high humidity by starting early…NOPE!

This one has to come down, 2 weeks early (AGAIN) but better to have some ok weed rather than none.

Since she has to come down, I am going to start icing at night for next 3 days. If you blow up picture, you can see how much tric-ie she is.


Are you planning to rinse your harvest?

Might help.

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@AAA I do every harvest but this is some shit you don’t wanna smoke. The webbing has me concerned sinxe I never saw indications of mites or any nasty bugs.

Definitely don’t try to smoke that, but I’m talking about the rest! Seems you are on it.

I had some with β€œwebbing”, nasty chit!

Have you heard about using the bud rot affected for cannabis oil? Good or bad?

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Hmm, I wonder if the mold spores would die in process of making oil?

They have to. I’m convinced, but don’t have any rotten buds to try out.

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Packed 5lbs ice around base last night, took pic this AM with flash. 2 more times (MAYBE, she has more rot than I previously saw. I have to dig deep into the buds to find it).


Looking good

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Bud rot sucks

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We need to find a cure

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3/11 WWA-
This morning’s picture after 2 nights icing, one more icing tonight then harvest tomorrow morning-

3/22 WWA ready for harvest tomorrow AM, no icing baths-

3/11 WWA not ready yet-

3/22 WWA not ready yet-

And the motley crew, no training since I was growing 2 new strains. I wanted to see how they would grow naturally.


Edit-----Holy crap!!! I forgot to add my pride and joy 🀦

LSD Fem, now bigger than a 55 gallon barrel-


Hell ya man looks great so what’s your opinion on ice baths

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Comparing pictures, I am ALMOST convinced it works. One more bath tonight, then chop but before I chop, I’m taking another picture for further comparison.

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