Platinum super cloner


hi all, I have recently purchased a platinum super cloner 12 to hopefully speed up the cloning process. I am curious to know whether any of you good folks have used an aeroponic cloner and if so did you add any nutrients / additives to the water in the reservoir . I have a small bottle of canna rhizotonic that came with the cloner but it came with no instructions. Any help will be much appreciated. cheers mountainman.


@mountainman1 There a a few youtube vids online on this model :+1:

The Platinium Super Cloner is an automated cloning system that provides your cuttings with a constant supply of water and oxygen to promote healthy, rapid root development.

Once you have taken your cuttings (recommended to use a rooting hormone gel), simply slip them in to the foam collars provided, and then slot the collars in to the top of the system. Any excess rooting gel that may get washed away should drain in to the system and be recirculated back to the cuttings. The dome will provide some much needed humidity to the leaves, providing intake of water to your cuttings while your roots are still developing.

A water pump (situated in the bottom of the reservoir) pushes water through rotating sprayers that distribute water evenly throughout the developing roots. The operation of the water pump in the water will generate some warmth, which is necessary for the rapid development of healthy roots, but you may require a heat pad under the unit in winter. Ideal temperature for the water would be approx. 21oC - 24oC. To monitor water temperatures, we recommend the Aqua One Digital Thermometer.

We recommend the use of Hydrogen Peroxide (provided) as a solution for cleaning and sterilisation, this will prevent against the development of any pathogens that may negatively affect the success of your plant propagation. It is advisable to clean the system after at least every other batch of cuttings that you have propagated. We also recommend you use a rooting stimulant additive, such as Rhizotonic, Root Nectar, or Roots Excelurator. Rooting stimulants such as these are indespensable for ensuring rapid development of strong, healthy roots early on.

A vigorous and well developed root system is essential for the development of a strong, productive plant. RHIZOTONIC contains nutrient derived from marine algae and is used to re-vitalize and enhance a poor or new root system.

Cuttings and plants that need to be repotted
Poor and badly developed plants
Plants which have suffered shock
All media (Soil, Coco, COGr, Hydroponics, can also be used as foliar spray)

Shake the bottle well before use
Dosage: 0.5 fl oz/Gal (40 ml/10L)
Use 1 to 6 times daily to the cultivation medium and/or spray directly on the leaves until a strong root system has developed
Decrease dosage to 0.07 fl oz/Gal (5 ml/10L) (1:2000) after a strong root system has developed
When repotting, one should pre-treat the growing medium with this solution
The results of RHIZOTONIC are better with low EC, if necessary use during the first few days only RHIZOTONIC (without other fertilizer)


Thanks @Hungrybud, so if I read you right it should be used more as a foliar spray than added to the reservoir? Is it worth adding some superthrive to the reservoir in your opinion?. I am looking to get back into the indoor scene and I am looking for the quickest way to root some cuttings using aeroponics.


Just added more info above, there is heaps online about this model, i have a turboclone and am yet to use it, as i am in week 5 of flower with others atm.


Thanks man youre a legend. cheers mountainman


When you have read a tad about it and get it going, come back and ask as many questions as you like, anything to get your grow as easy and stress free as possible :kangaroo:


@Hungrybud ,

All I can say is that you handled that perfectly great job and thank you Fokes like you and there are many here that make my job so much easier 1


Hi all this is an hybrid cross have made of ilgm purple haze crossed to northern lights. Its a absolute monster. It measures 2.4m wide by 2.0m deep by 1.5m high. Just starting to flower now. Should be good for at least 2 plus pounds in about 10 weeks time. cheers mountainman1.


PLEASE , keep me post ok. I would like to know the out come

Here is a pick of Granddaddy Purple. Indoors Grow
She stands 56 inches tall and almost 36 inches wide at 4 1/2 weeks into flower. I won’t guess at the yield but I’ll be a happy Man … lmao


PLEASE , keep me post ok. I would like to know the out come

Here is a pick of Granddaddy Purple. Indoors Grow
She stands 56 inches tall and almost 36 inches wide at 4 1/2 weeks into flower. I won’t guess at the yield but I’ll be a happy Man … lmao


That looks awesome @garrigan65. I have always wanted to try the GDP . I also have some skywalker OG and another hybrid of purple haze crossed to OG kush which is going off the scale. Now that I have learned how to post pics I will do my best to keep you updated. Thanks for your support. cheers mountainman 1.


Now it’s your turn to School me on how you do what you do. As in crossing your plants.
I haven’t crossed that threshold yet, but willing to give it a shot, but want someone who knows what their doing and you seem to be that person for me to learn something special


Hi Garrigan65, nothing special going on just good genetics and some hybrid vigour. The male for the above cross was obtained from some ilgm feminised og kush. I took the top 6" off the plant before my buddy ripped it out and carefully opened some pollen sacs with a razor and collected enough viable pollen with a cotton bud to pollinate a nice ilgm fem purple haze. The hybrid vigour is a result of crossing 2 distinctly different varieties ie og kush (mostly indica to purple haze (mostly sativa). Good organic gardening practices and foliar feeding and soil drenching with home made compost teas. if I can be of any more help fire away. cherrs mountaiman1


Hi all, a little more info for those who may be interested in doing some of their own backyard breeding. The male pollen donor for the above cross that i have named northern purps, was the result of a male plant from feminised seed. Shouldnt happen right but anyway,The seed was an og kush fem from ilgm that turned out to be a male.It was short, bushy and very smelly for a plant just coming into flower. It also looked great with 11 fingered leaves. I cut the top 6" off the plant before any pollen sacs had opened as it was a friends plant and he didnt want any males in the garden. I took it home and carefully sliced open some sacs and collected some pollen with a cotton bud. I then rubbed the cotton tip onto the waiting pistills of a favourite purple haze female clone that I have had for a few years now. So dont discount the value of male plants, if you find something that looks appealing , has a short ,compact structure or is early to mature, collect a little bit of pollen and make a selective pollination of one of your favourite females and you might just find something special.
Hybrid vigour is a result of the successful crossing of 2 distinctly different varieties of plant. Usually an indica dominant variety crossed to a sativa dominant variety will show the best hybrid vigour.The resultant cross should reveal plants that posses some or all of the best qualities of each donor, but not always. Some genes can be dominant or recessive and a large sample planting to choose from can be a big advantage in regards to finding the plant with all the traits you desire. Marijuana botany by Robert Connell Clarke is a great place to start. Its not difficult but it sure helps if you can have a dedicated area to isolate males to collect pollen and to fertilize females separately to your main production area. Cheers Mountainman 1


I’m off to find the perfect male.