Platinum p300 led light

Anyone here have this light? How well will it work alone with 323263? I just got mine but cant use it til my seeds get here… Should i get some more light for the side? I am doing a scrog grow.


I just ordered a platinum P600 and I’m waiting for it to be shipped. Pigsquishy another member on the forum And he has p300 so h he’ll have meow info on it.

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Awesome…I Plugged mine in just to see, and good god is that thing bright! Had to order some horticulture glasses. Looking forward to using it for my first ever grow!

I’m super excited for it to get here? like a kid on Christmas morning lol

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Haha i hear ya! I’m still waiting on my tent. Which for some reason wont get here for another 10 days even tho it shipped from CA already…anyways looking forward to getting everything hung and ready to go for when my seeds get here!

How long did your light to get to you ?

I got it on amazon…i have prime so it only took 2 days.

Wow I ordered mine directly from platinum website and I still haven’t even gotten a email confirmation that it’s been shipped

Got my P300 directly from their website. It’s much cheaper directly from the company believe it or not. Surprisingly fast shipping considering it came from the other side of the country. I have not messed with grow lights before but I’m an electrician who knows a few things about LED lighting. Let me tell you. This light is !@#$ impressive.

Hey Boney, I know this is and older thread, but I was wondering how you liked the P600 by Advanced Platinum? Do you feel it does a good job covering your grow? Thanks for a quick response, Mike

Hey Watsup mcicchino I love my PlatinumLED p600 it kicks ass. And as far as the coverage it’s really all up to your grow space but I definitely would recommend getting one.

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If you need a person that knows lights there is a person on here that is the light master he researches everything down to a T I would go with anything this man has to say and this is one of the lights he actually recommends let’s see if we can have him chime In @yoshi

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Advance platinum lights are awesome , it’s not they newest technology but advance lights simply works . It’s a lot of brands now like Mars , Viparspectra , Galaxy Hydro and a few others that mimic advance light technology but they work great , they run efficiently and consistently , you can daisy chain them , and they light output is very intense , and they actual watt on ratings is right on what they say mainly like a p300 would put out 285 actual watts , and they warranty you cannot beat with a Cubs bat if you tried , great design , and great quality .

Hey Boney, thanks for your input along with the rest of the guy’s. The only reason I ask is I have 2 Advanced Platinum p600 that I use. I am constantly trying to figure out why my lights do not turn totally off. I have tried several suggestions from others. I tried 6 different timers, including two that were made for L.E.D.s. You guy’s may remember when I bought these lights I mentioned having this problem where several of the small bulbs in my light were very dimly lit when the lights went out. When I called A.P. They told me that some others have had this problem and that I needed a electrician to put a ground on the timer? I don’t get it, why do timers not have a ground? I am presently using to big pieces cardboard to block the light after shut off. Then I have to get up and take cardboard down when lights come on. I have to be honest this is a serious pain in the ass! I can’t wait until this grow is over. Sorry to put all this in my message to you, Boney, but I am trying to answer others in one big note! Thanks for listening, Mike

The lights has a malfunction issue , you might want to refund or exchange them asap . That is not normal or a ground issue , that’s a malfunction in the light panel . You might want to try the new Mars Pro series , Galaxy Hydro , are Viparspectra lights , the Mezhi lights don’t look bad either , but I have Advance XTE lights and I think the platinum is the very first model which is old technology , but I hate that you having those king of issues after investing that much money .

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Hey Yoshi, thanks for your input. I am going to call A.P. Again and get a little more aggressive. I can’t buy another light until I finish paying for these two! The only way I can use these lights is manually and that sucks. Thanks, Mike

In the warranty agreement you should get a no hassle replacement . But tell them the lights are malfunctioning and it’s not a grounding problem . Either replace them are a full refund .

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I agree with yoshi your warranty should still be effective

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Hey gang, I spoke to Mark of Advanced Platinum this Afternoon and he wants me to open the lights up by the cord and switch the ground wire from one screw to another. He said he will be going out of town for a week so I would not freak if I can’t get ahold of him. Don’t know much about electric, but I will give it a try. Mike

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Its easy i open up my lights once every six months to clean fans dust is the enemy for fans

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