Platinum Company Review

Ok so I know platinum is a good brand for LEDS but I just thought I’d share my experience with them so far. So over the last couple weeks I’ve been in touch with platinum,Advanced,Lumigro, and kindled just talking and researching lights and talking to sales teams. Figured if I’m gonna put the money into a good system probably should research as much as I could to justify the 2000$ bill at x-mas time to my wife haha. Anyways obviously I went with Platinum hence the title so after making sure that the website could fill my order an it says allow 1 day to process. I looked into shipping which the sales team garentees if you live in USA that it will be there within 5-7 days including Saturdays. So I placed my order on the night of the 14th which was roughly 1800+- for 3 p600s with discounts and everything else. As soon as I put in my card information and hit submit I got a message from my cell phone stating that the had been removed from my account already, an next screen on computer stated that order will be shipped no later then 19th and would arrive 5-7 days after placing order. Also screen stated I would receive tacking number in an email when it had gotten shipped. Well here we are ****ing 7 days later and still no tracking number I sent them an email 2 days ago an said I still haven’t received a tracking number and they tell me that they just received word that they will be receiving all the back orders in tomorrow and shipping them out then. So what this means is the sales team or website never said NOTHING about back ordered and also they took the money out of my account before they even had anything on them or didn’t even know when they were getting them in at that point. So as a recommendation don’t EVER EVER buy from platinum they truly are a joke if you wanna get platinums get them off amazon. Pretty bad when amazon can do a better job then the company creating them. Justed wanted to warn you guys and vent a little cause had I known this I would of said F the discount and ordered off my amazon prime and they would be hanging by now.


Sucks brother i feel for you know what you go thru… hope your wife isnt to mad about it…

@Matt_auto She is but she’s not, more mad that They should of been here by now and there not, and the fact that they took the 1800$ out of my account before they even knew when they were gonna get any in, or before packaging and sending. Today is 2nd day in mail and he still hasn’t had time to send me a tracking number… My 10 year old has ran a better lemonade stand at the end of my driveway then they run their company

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I feel you bro…

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Sucks, sorry to hear. Am looking to get some lights and this will be one I avoid.

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@Buzzer Don’t get me wrong they are kick ass lights for the price, can grow super buds and plants just there customer service lacks so instead of ordering through platinum themselves go through amazon only reason I went through platinum is cause they offer like 30$+ off each light if you buy 3 or more and I had a discount code for 5% off on top of getting 90$ off for 3. Am still excited to get will just be reporting them to the BBB for all the lies and false advertising.

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@Matt_auto and thanks bro not letting them get me down I’m still pumping 2 1000w HPS lights into them until I get my platinums on Tuesday and I’ve been seeing some big differences in last 2 days since I’ve been using mammoth. I’ll have my wife take some pics in about 3 hours before lights on

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Nice cant wait to see youre girls bro keep up the good work @stan

Being a company as good as they are you think they would be able to take care of you and Some matter I know they’re probably one of the best lights on the market from all the research that I’ve seen heard and talk to people if they’re not willing to fix the problem I think I would call your credit card company and tell him stop payment hate to do that but there’s no reason for them to take advantage of people like that when it probably would’ve been no big deal if they would’ve been upfront about the whole situation

I bought directly from advanced and they did the same thing to me. Fortunately it wasn’t a Christmas gift but my plants were held under t5’s longer than I wanted. Anyway Stan I hope they work out for you.

@Hogmaster that’s exactly what I told them all they had to do was say hey we don’t have any in stock right now there supposed to be in some time next week and I woulda been like cool u should hook me up with 1 day shipping then, but instead my next lights I’ll be ordering from competitor unless these p600’s blow me away, but anyways they finally got me a tracking number about an hour ago but they are still on the other side of the country from me. But thank you every1 for listening to my rant was pretty heated today after talking to them on the phone, can’t let them ruin xmas tho got a lot of stuff to do with my kids!

Everything I’ve heard about him you will be happier than neater than peanut butter @yoshi is the light master he does more research than anyone I know I think you will be very pleased with what you get it’s just unfortunate that that happened the miscommunication

Thanks @Noodles yea it’s gonna eventually just planned delivery date is Tuesday but should be today at the latest by there word when I talked to them. Oh well I’ll keep pumping 2 1000w HPS into them till then

Hey guys just to inform you guys , there are to different Advance distributors ? Mike and Paul both started business together and parted ways but they both own a share of marketing under Advance logo brand name , but one is here locally in my state of Arkansas , Bentonville which is Paul on YouTube by the chalk board , the other guy that show the platinum Led in comparison to competitors with the light meter is Mike and I don’t know of his manufacturing distribution is out of honestly . But Advance platinum is the old technology but they lights do work and they are very intense as well , but Paul new 3 watt osram and 5 watt Cree plus a new 10 watt Cree led is the XTE and DS XML series lights which you will see the old platinum series also is Made in the USA but far as par and intensity advanced is the next best to Apache Tech led .