Platinum Cherry, allegedly!

This will be my 5th indoor grow. I had a single bag seed, from a bag of what was called, “Platinum Cherry.” I put the seed into germination, on 8/04/22, by putting it in a damp, folded-up paper towel, inside a ziploc baggie. On 8/6, it had germinated; so I put into a shot glass-sized seedling pot, with a dome on top. On the morning of 8/8/22, the seedling was JUST breaching soil. By that evening, it was already almost an inch and-a-half (About 4.25 cm). I am growing in coco coir + perlite mix (Homemade), and feeding the Black Magic line of nutes (Base A + Base B + Cal-Mag +pH-Down). At this time, she is still a seedling, and only getting half-strength nutes. She is working on her 3rd set of true leaves. She is in a Vivosun 2’ × 4’ × 5’ grow tent, with a ViparSpectra XS-2000 led grow light, and an A/C A9 6" fan. Plus a couple little desk fans, and a portable tower a/c unit, to help regulate temperature and airflow. Here’s a couple of pictures, from the other day:


Here are some pics from yesterday (8/19). Its been hot, and humid here. It’s been impossible for me to keep the temp under 90°F, a decent amount of the time; and she is definitely a little stressed by that, but: Aside from that, she’s a very happy, healthy, easy-growing little girl! Here’s the pictures!

A little while back, I topped my girl. As the new heads were growing out, I went to tie them down, and accidentally broke one all the way off. I FIMmed the remaining head (In order to still get more than just one main stem), and have since been just allowing her to grow, while training her branches. Today, I trimmed her up just a little, to allow light to reach the interior of the plant. She is around 3.5-4 weeks old, at this time. Here are more pictures:

Today is a sad day. My Platinum Cherry plant hermed out on me, and I had to chop it down. :pensive: RIP little plant.