Platform 9 4/20

Ok that’s good news! And don’t worry or stress the color? Or do you think dialing the light down a touch will help?

Your grow lights are on in the 2nd picture so I don’t really consider color, nor should you, unless lights are off and you take a picture with flash on.

Most grow lights are 3000k - 3500k and to clearly see cannabis color you need a more blue spectrum light such as 4k

Oh and here is a new post I figured ide make one and stop linking random threads

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They look good

Hey @Hellraiser @Nicky yall use canna coco right? Do you use the brick or bag? And where do you get it from if so?

Yes I use the canna coco bricks, usually buy it from amazon or ebay (whichever is cheaper at the time).

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Ok cool… going with that for when I put the others in final pot. Not having to buff and wash sold me lol. You said you just rehydrate with full strength jacks right? Do you have a ratio for perlite to coco brick or do you even use perlite?

Yes I rehydrate the bricks with full strength Jacks (1.5 gals of water/jacks per brick). I don’t use perlite, though I believe @Nicky does.

Ok cool so ready to use once rehydrated. @Nicky how much perlite for the 40l brick you think? Also this is the perlite I got just a big cheap bag from Lowe’s. I assume it’s ok right? Thanks guys!

I’ve used 50/50 and 70/30

Both work well but 30% is generally used unless using autopots. Autopots recommended 50/50 but I’ve done fine with 30%
I do want to test 100% coco vs 50/50 vs 70/30


I would definitely tune into that comparison. So tag me when or if you do it. Do you have a certain perlite you use or like?

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@Nicky well attempted a FIM. Hopefully I didn’t botch it too bad.


Looks good :+1:


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Hey @Hellraiser @Mr_Wormwood @Mr_Wormwood @Newt wondering what y’all that top feed use for watering/feeding? I just been pouring from a milk jug. I’ve seen some will use like a modified pump sprayer or something. Had a high moment the other day where I thought I came up with a genius idea. Needless to say someone beat me to the punch :joy: but couldn’t help but order it and try it out

Gadjit Sprinkle Spout Daisy-Shaped Sprinkler Head - Snaps onto Most Plastic Gallon and Half-Gallon Jugs, Turning Them into Watering Cans (White & Yellow)

I use gallon jugs. Not much help, sorry.

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That IS cute. But I think it might make getting around the base of the plant awkward. I saw someone used a similar attachment on a wand. Not sure if it was battery or AC powered, but it was powered.

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Yeah I’m sure most everyone does but was curious about those that don’t what they do instead

Yeah I don’t have high hopes for the thing but had to give it a try :joy:

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I use gallon jug to mix nutes in then pour from a 16 oz cup for actual pouring

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@Nicky does the agsil 16H effect the PH ?

I use a gallon pitcher and a 16 oz cup to do my watering, very low tech.