Plants without any nutrients!

Plants without any nutrients! Will they be better than with nutrients?? As they are purely organic?

Step away from the bong. :joy:


Organic nutes @Stonerdude


You mean the soil is the nutrients? I’m only asking because someone said they had grown bud with just water and it was as good as top shelf Bud??

Lots of soil growers say they like the ‘soft’ character of cannabis grown all naturally. I’ve had good soil grown stuff but the best I’ve ever had was from hydro.

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Probably super soil

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Do you think he’s talking crap ! Or is it actually possible to get decent bud without nutes??

I haven’t used it but others on here have. I don’t see why not

What would you call super soil.?? Or are you having a laugh?? Ha ha! Because I’m sure he didn’t use super soil, more like grow bag soil! Or do you think it is possible to get decent bud from tomato soil bud compared to nutrient rich soil???

Just search super soil.or I think it’s also called kind soil. It’s a real thing I promise. Lol


Plants must have nutrients to survive. It’s like humans trying to live with no nutrition. You can do water only soil (super soil, kind soil) but that soil is packed with enough nutrients to last the entire grow without additional nutrients needed.


I’m sure he only used grow bag soil,he said it was under his stairs,I know he hasn’t heard of super soil ,so it’s impossible to grow bud on tomato soil,he says it’s the same, I know it’s similar pH but other than that,I told him I don’t think so?? Am I right¿???

I will be growing in “super soil” only. First Outdoor Grow after years of layoff link to latest post in my journal.


Cannabis will pretty much grow anywhere, and suffer a ton of deficiencies and infestations before dying. That being said, you can plant some herb in normal dirt from your yard, water it occasionally, and grow it to harvest without adding anything. Most top shelf nutrients are there for a reason though, along with their organic counterparts. Most bag soil is loaded with N to begin with, so you probably wouldn’t see any problems until the flower cycle without using nutes. From what I have seen, using proper nutrients during the flower cycle can greatly increase yield, flavor, and potency.

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bollocks !..that person is yanking your chain.

If you go to home improvement store and buy garden soil or similar it usually already has a good amount of nutrients in it. Just because you don’t physicals add nutrients doesn’t mean they aren’t in the pot. There are a lot of variables that will determine whether that will be enough or not. So its really difficult to say that any old bag of soil will do that or not. Also no guarantee that would make your harvest better than one in which some amount of organic or synthetic nutrients are added.

So its completely possible that whatever your buddy did left him with the best weed he’s had. But doesn’t mean if you follow his footsteps will be same result.


Cheers pal,so my mate “could” be telling the truth, he’s not usually a list,but just thought I’d ask?? Thanks tho ,coz the garden center soil kinda makes sense,I’m sure he said it was gro bag soil,so ya thing about nutrients being already there makes sense, but he must have been the luckiest guy alive to pick that particular brand and the guy just said gro bag soil but not which type,and also I get what you’re saying about me not getting same results! I’m currently doing a couple of gelato autos and 1 cheese normal, don’t suppose you have any tips on auto flowerers nutrients?? Any help much appreciated :blush:

Just about all of different nutrient manufacturers use the same stuff. Research them and see what you feel is most convenient for you. If used properly they should all do fine.

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