Plants were weak, with thin, spindly stems

From a fellow grower: The strains were gsc and dosido both fem im using a mix of topsoil biochar perlite no fert yet
Indoor light t5 8 bulb b UT on only 8 hrs till more leaves then 20 hrs on and 4 off humidity is low at 35 but here in AZ it’s hard to keep 60%. Also a fan to strengthen stems and circulate temp 60 night and 80 day indoor now using a goldfish hydro system after plants are bigger and more roots to form then in soil in fall to finish

You need better lighting. You can’t flower cannabis with T5 lighting. It will cause plants to stretch out looking for more light, resulting in spindly plants.

Suggest an LED built with Samsung LM301 diodes. HLG, Mars Hydro, and Spider Farmer all make good lights.


Pictures would help I would go to 20/4 or 18/6 now spindly or weak stems are usually caused by lack of light or insufficient light


Also, you need more than 8 hours of light… in fact, some people leave their lights on seedlings for 24 hours until they are a little more established but I do 18/6 as soon as they break ground.

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