Plants were brown, leaves curved

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

This was my first try at growing. Back in April I ordered and received 5 White Widow seeds, 4 of the 5 germinated, I grew them inside under CFL bulbs, about 4 weeks transplanted outside, they seemed to be doing fine for 2 weeks then two of the plants began to show symptoms of lack of water, these plants continued to decline, I applied urea to increase nitrogen and the plants seemed to improve so I added urea to all four plants and two days later they were brown, leaves curved, stems broken over near the top and appear to be dead. I didn’t check the ph but I have a garden 200 ft away in the past it tested at a ph of 6. What could have happened?

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Hard to say without seeing pics


Pics would help
As well as filling out a support ticket

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Sounds like a combination of nute burn , wind burn and pH lockout

Thank you for replying to my post. Here is a pic, it is 2 weeks since the plants looked dead. Any help will be appreciated. I’m trying to decide if I want to try again.

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Those look like goners to me. But you never know, they do some amazing things

Yea that ones gone. Id do a slurry test on your soil in that hole to check your soil ph. Did you ph your water after you added the N? It does look like nute burn. They Don’t need a lot of nutes early

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I agree not much hope there and a slurry test would be best ph of 6 is too low fir mj min 6.3 fyi 6.3-6.8 is you optimal range in soil

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I’m wit these guys ph and nutrients look to be the culprit. It looks dead but I have always heard if there’s green there’s still a chance.

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Any time in the future if you need any assistance just put a @ symbol in front of my name and I will be notified. Like @Sirsmokes
You should give it another go and you should join the forum and let members coach you thru your first grow. (This is what we love to do) happy growing

There’s the smoking gun!

CaNO3 (calcium nitrate) is the only nitrate compound readily available aside from NO4 (amonium nitrate) and ammonium stagnates under 93 f. (for cold weather applications there’s pur-cal purified calcium nitrate where the 1% ammonium is removed.

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