Plants went into flower early!

So I have some amnesia haze plants growing in my tent I had the lights set from 630am to 730 pm as some plants were going to go outside so was following the sun schedule. I left them at that schedule and didn’t increase the light any as I thought they would stay in veg. The plants I put outside stayed in veg and are growing good but the ones I left inside at 13 hours started to flower. My question is can I just kick up the time to 18 hours and will they go back to veg and how soon? They have their little white hairs poking out maybe a week into it or so

If they are autos, then I would say there’s nothing you can do. They kinda have a mind of their own, when it comes to change in growing cycles.

13 hours of light will put any plant (auto or photo) into flowering, need 16/8 at a minimum to guarantee they stay in veg. If the plants are not autos then yes you can change light schedule to 18/6 and they will go back into veg, will take a couple weeks for new veg growth.


I gree and was going to say the same thing except that you can axctually use 14/10 photo period, but no less lights on time thna that. I grew for 2 yeats using 14/10 before going back to my beloved 16/10.

13 hours is too short of a photo period as Hellraiser mentioned.

Happy growing.

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Awesome thank you guys! They are not autos so hopefully they will start to veg again. I had some
Flowering plants in there as well I thought I could keep them in flower and the others in veg my mistake I am learning.

I would consider just letting them flower, or take some clones to root and then allow to remain in flower. However; Just so you know and it may have been brought up, but reverting to veg adds a few weeks as the plants are going to be trippinjg ou reacting to the change. So it could add 2-4 weeks to your veg time.

Glad to help. sometimes I have found it helps to have a 2nd person tell you the same thing in order to seem feasible. Hellraiser was right on. I will see you later on. Let us know what you decide to do.