Plants turning yellow and brown tips

Hi there, I’m noticing some of my leaves turning yellow with brown tips. I believe one of the problems was under feeding. Plants are 3 weeks old from planting. First five days only water. Next week and a half 200ppm 6.1/6.4ph. Started noticing the leaves so I up the nutrients to 300 ppm one feeding and then 550 ppm 6.0-6.2 one feeding 2 days ago. Been keeping an eye on them and don’t seemed to get better maybe I should wait more. Was feeding every 3 days to runoff. Is this a deficiency? Can my light be the problem? Also stems are turning red

Lights: mars hydro tsl 2000w(300watts) had them at 28in and moved to 26 two days ago.

Humidity temp: 77f 65%




what are you feeding them, are you using any calmeg

@Deal Yes I use CALIMAGIC, FLORA MICRO, GRO, AND BLOOM. The last two feedings were the early veg mix

Looks like nut burn. Try dialing down the nutrients. I had the same problem, upped the feed and made it worse. Did pure Ph perfect water for 2 weeks and the next 2 sets of leaves were lovely and green. The yellow ones will probably stay yellow but focus on the new sets. There tell you if what your doing is working

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Also remember to always start with a fraction of what the feed chart recommends and slowly increase.

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This is one of the better articles on the subject. Some leaves looks like it is magnesium, another nute burn, another light burn. See if it helps

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