Plants turning red, leaves burning

A question from a fellow grower:

My plants are turning red and the leaves are burning. Even the little tear drop balls are yellowing. Do you have any ideas?

It’s kinda weird cause on some plants the lower buds are fine

Also the smell doesn’t seem to be as strong as they usually are. They are og kush. I have fungus Nat’s and used merit wp early in flowering. Also changed lights from 1000 watt hps to gavita in middle of flower. My humidity was high and added dehumidifier in middle of flower and then humidity was low at about 35% . Also temp reached about 90 ° f . Have 10 gavita lights in area of 12ft by 14ft. Hope my info can help . Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you

Your plants’ symptoms are pointing to nutrient deficiencies, however it might not need more nutrients, the nutrients may have just become unavailability due to pH lockouts, nutrient salt toxicity lockouts, and or over watering, or any combination of them.

Excessive fungus gnats is often a symptom of over watering.

Red/purple stems can be a nutrient deficiency of phosphorous and/or sometimes a cal-mag deficiency.

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If my Strawberry Kush seedlings have a tint of red on the stem is it time to start feeding?
They just grew the second set of leaves…

At this point just flush -because you seem close to harvest - Great looking plants !!!

Thanks for the advice. I think you are right on. Pretty sure its a cal-mag deficiency. You really know your stuff!!

Sorry but navigation seems a little tough for me. I’m brand new at this but to be having problems with my plants. At first they seemed to be over watered. The soil wasn’t saturated but it was wet, and this watering about 16 oz about every three days sometimes a week. I seen in another forum that over watering will invite some kind of nats. They’re full of them. I feel like I tried to grow at the wrong time of year. It’s south so there was about a week of 30 to 40 degree weather then 50 and 60 for about 3 weeks. They’re indoor 17hr light veg. Are they burning? Thanks for taking the time to look

Real light helps very hard to tell if they are yellow or not

Yeah. It is a pretty crappy picture. Hope these help. Can probably bring them out in the yard tomorrow. They just look sick. They’ve actually greened up a little but it’s going on 2 weeks without water. How dry does the soil need to be before watering again? The soil is actually still wet lol. At the sake of being laughed at, the soil is miracle grow garden soil and miricale grow potting mix. Use great white for the root system. Thanks again for the help Donald

Hungry plant

feed her she’s starved and keep an I on your ph 6.3-6.8


Wow. Everything is covered. That definitely helps a lot. Will definitely be getting some tomorrow. Thank u thank u

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You should be back on track after a decent feed use weight of pot to judge when to water again get a feel for how it feels when freshly watered and water again once it feels light. Be gentle with first feed 1/2-3/4 suggested dosing you will know within a day or 2 if they like the feed judge by new growth some of the yellowed leafs may gain back some green but don’t count on it :wink:


Okay. Added nitrogen. Ph is at 6.5. Due to the urgency, I just got it at the local home improvement. Thanks again Donald. Will look into the products for my next go around if these don’t recover. Will post new picks in about a week

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Here’s the pictures as promised. Almost all the purple is gone from the stems. They really took off after 3 days. Very sound advice Donald. Thanks for helping us newbies. Will they fully recover from one treatment of nitrogen or will this be a monitor and add like other regular treatments? Whatever those treatments are lol. Feel like a pool boy.

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