Plants too please

Hello…I have Gold Leaf…in a hydro fallponics system…in a greenhouse…they are 8 weeks from seed. I am going to flip them to flower…and already know I need to raise the roof…but…should I top them? or should I just see how tall they get and deal as it grows.

Super crop or lst before they start to flower cuz they’re gonna grow like crazy once they do. A few years ago I used a small greenhouse to grow 4 plants I had to build another greenhouse over the top of it and dismantle the small one. They soon outgrew that one. I had to super crop them during flower. It all turned out OK but it had me worried. Do you have room to go horizontal with them. How big is your greenhouse.

Greenhouse is 12 by 12 and about 8 feet tall in the center…the plants are just so damn tall!

Bend them over give some light to the lower branches. Once they start to flower they will stretch and grow even taller. You have three choices. You can cut them shorter, bend them over or build a bigger greenhouse. If you super crop them do it low or you’ll have to do it again. Witch you might have to do anyway.
That’s what I call a quality problem.