Plants to wide for tent

3 autos 2 critical 1 blueberry growing in 5 gallon fabric pots using kind soil and bush doctor coco loco. Plants look great they are 45 days from sprout, my tent is 2x4x5 lights are 2 1000 watts led full spectrum.
My problem is with three plants they are too wide for my tent what can I do until my bigger tent arrives? I’m not able to zip the current tent up.

How far out is your new tent?

3 weeks from today

Ooo that is tough to say
Do you have a coat closet

I would move one or two plants to a closet with one of your light fixtures and leave the other light in the tent with the other plants

No there in my bedroom. Would it hurt to leave the tent open? Temp and humidity is not a problems

Well yes
Your lighting and environment will suffer
Are you in flower? Still vegging?

I’m in flower

Sorry you are in flower so lighting is an issue you do not want to interupt the lighting cycle
Even just a glint of light can potentially screw with your plants

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At your local fabric store you can find black out fabric and duct tape it or whatever you can do to keep unwanted light from getting in
Also your humidity and temps will be difficult to control in this stage

I’m sorry for asking this I thought autos didn’t depend on light cycles did I miss understand and if so do i need to put them on a 12 12 scedule?

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Three weeks is along time in this stage of growth to not have control over the environment can relly stress out your plants

Yea but you also said you have two regular fems too

Oops mis read that ok you should be fine then

Ok thank you I’m very new most of all my questions had been answered from reading others on here. I appreciate all your help I do have black out materials to I guess to expand it a little for 3 weeks.

Just try to do what you can to keep out unwanted light
Though they are autos you have had them on a 12/12 cycle and breakingbthat cucle at this stage can still stess em out

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No regs all autos, been on 24 schedule since birth


It s ok we are all learning no matter what our experience level any questions you have just ask away and if I do not have an answer we can tag in some one who does
I am only on my second grow myself
First grow with autos and now my second grow fems


Most of our growers here are runnin autos on a 12/12
I suggest letting them rest a few hours a day
This will significantly increase your yield

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Nice and thank you for your help I wasn’t expecting the 2 critical to get so monstrous. Your a life saver.

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