Plants to tall for room

Should i pull my tops from my other 2 plants to each other to bring them down a little bit

I’d look into “topping”. I know very little about your garden, so I’m not sure if it will help. Are you Vegging? Flowering? Autos? How tall are they? Distance from lights? These are some of the questions you should be answering.

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Topping isn’t the only methods to keep plants from growing too high. LST such as bending and whatnot are also simple methods to keep them short. U can also try autos which usually do not get too big and are perfectly manageable if u want short plants tht don’t depend on light, and have a fast harvest. If u really want to learn more about this u can type a couple words on google and get thousands of links explaining these things in more detail, which is what I would’ve done first, instead of going directly to the forum.

Before you go topping or anything else that might stress your plants; Are you in flower stage or vegetative stage? Usually plants do not grow too tall until they are into flowering, and then you definitely DO NOT want to top the plant.

Bend it over, tie it over, Or, you can actually work the top area at the stem to weaken it and allows it to basically fall over. Plant will continue to grow and 2ndary kolas will emerge 2wice as big.

Posting a vague question like this can lead to answers that give you the wrong advice despite being sound in some cases. I advise you to answer my questions and post a picture in order to be given an informed answer and not being given the wrong advice.

I tried to gently pull on a stem and fractured it i just pulled it back
tight it has since formed a nice big not not really what im looking to do
what do you think ?

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Do NOT top in flower. You need to tie those ladies down or Scrog them. Look in to LST

Buy some tomato clips and tie them to the corners using twine. Or; Breal the tops as you describe. Knuckle will form. Rest of plant will go crazy with growth. I do this all the time.

IN the future; You want to train them as mentioned with an LST method. This is basically tying them down lower. LST is a method used from the start but, the method can provide the process and you can tie this plant out of the lights.

I got the three tallest tied down but im not gonna worry about the other
2under the leds it doesn’t even get warmand theyre not even getting taller
soo we’ll see how they go

Wow that is really tall , but if them stalks bud half way down , man you will have colas almost an ounce in weight ?

Yeah deff agree with @yoshi those internodes look nicely spaced to do just that!!

:flushed::+1:t2: Pictures live up to title.

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Hi, Can you break the top over at anytime during flowering?. Thanks.

Early in flower before budding starts yes !

I accidentally snapped a nice sized cola about 4 weeks into flower. I just let it be, and it knuckled up and just kept growing.

Yes. I do not break mine until they grow almost into the light. The 2ndary Kolas will bulk up tremendously after you do.

I broke the top of my Super Skunk auto flower a couple weeks ago and immediately all the smaller kolas got 2wice as big in a week.


Hi, Thanks for the info.