Plants taken 7 months to grow?

Hello ilgm community, I’m from Australia and I’ve been growing my first plant from unknown bag seed (dealer called it Zombie X but never found a strain of such so I say it’s unknown), which popped out in October and I’m only JUST one week away from harvesting.

I’m currently using a plastic pot with legit soil from my backyard as we had to rip my plant up from ground and transport in a car from my boyfriends to my house (cops) and then had no proper soil so that was the only option at the time. Currently using Powerfeed by Seasol for fertiliser but am wanting to buy proper equipment for my next grow.

My plant started off with 3 cotyledons instead of two (apparently it means mutant genetics something about a triploid) which has created her natural two top cola without any need of LST or topping, so I was wondering whether this has to do with it taking so long?

Didn’t help that she’s has almost died from overheating in summer from overfertilising, got her main stem snapped in the middle so I had to stake her, but she’s also had magnesium sulfate deficiency. My boyfriends dad planted it in the ground around December-janurary so I was unable to start 12/12 and by the time we took it to mine it was about late Feb-early March and that’s basically time for the plant to decide to flower itself. I’m honestly thinking that’s what’s caused my plant to take Goddamn 7 months?!

It’s such a lanky plant with little leaves and with the most airy and non developed buds Ive ever seen only good thing is multiple bud sites

:frowning: Maybe too much nitrogen from my fertiliser as I don’t have a specific one for flowering yet? And if it’s taken this long to get to this like is it even ready for harvest or do I got to wait longer too? Like the pistols dont even look half amber and it’s been in flower since late Feb so about 5 going on 6 weeks now :frowning: :triumph:

Any ideas about why my plant has taken this long and stories about plants taking forever happy to hear and share :slight_smile: photos of my current delayed plant and buds aswell for reference.

Sounds like your plant had a rough life which can account for the slow growing, also suspect your light may not be strong enough, causing the airy small buds. Lots of white hairs, still has a while to go.

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Thought so :confused: is it normal for plants to naturally form two colas and take this long tho? Grow is outdoors, it’s coming towards autumn at the moment but doesn’t account for such little growth even in summer time, and summers here the sun’s potent

How long do you think it will be according to my plants length? I was inaccurate before it’s been flowering for around 7-8 weeks which is worse. Like in that time its seed to bud for some strains :frowning:

No, 2 colas usually happen from topping or self topping, or was just a weird plant to start with and 7 months can be normal for an outdoor grow but not indoors (3-5 months depending on strain and how big you veg). I’d say you have at least 3-4 weeks still to go.

That’s why I thought mine was triploid like you get some polyploid plants, mine started of with 3 embryonic leaves instead of 2 so it could explain that. And thank you, I’ll use my handheld microscope and try to determine trichomes :slight_smile: so far but 3-4 week I’ll go with :slight_smile:

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