Plants struggling

A question from a fellow grower: 8 germinated these are the last two standing what’s up with these plants coming out looking retarded and struggling to make to veg stage one these DP seeds have been trying to reach veg 1 for 3 weeks+ now. Help

Looks over watered to me with abit of light stretch

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I’ll add that the soil looks sub par and they might be struggling to make roots. A support ticket would help people assess what might be gong on.

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What kind of soil, what are your watering practices, what light are they under, auto or photo, all information needed to help you.

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Also joining the forum would allow u to reply and learn with us all. Make an account n lets get those girls growing.

Soil does look quite woody. Always pick those chips out of your soil before planting in it. Also im not seeing ANY perlite. Perlite helps LOADS with the drainage. Keeps from overwatering (rookie mistake #1, quickly followed by poor pH habits) and from the looks of ur girls its a combo of each. Dampening off (drowning the girls’ roots) caused by poor soil and too much water retention.

Again i recommend u join us here. Good luck with the rest of the girls

crappy growing soil…those seedlings are less than 6 days old.