Plants starting to droop fast! HELP

My W.W. in coco perlite mix, washed coco first. Ph at 6.0 for wanted after I add Cal-Mag to every watering.the leaves used to be up reaching toward the light looking amazing now it looks like I was growing in soil and the are all starting to droop down. But the aren’t big enough, well I don’t think they are to go and poor a liter or water onto the pot. I’m using a liter spray bottle and spraying a good amount bout as far out it not a tiny bit farther than where the roots would be and be growing. Is it possible to over water coco. And my the ppm of the water here is way high so I don’t add as much nutrients as the bottle recommends so the ppm is where it need to be and ph is always 5.85-6.06. what does it look like to y’all. Coco has no nutrients in it I know that. But when feeding the advanced nutrients coco connoisseur it has some Cal-Mag in it. Do I need to adjust the amount of the Cal-Mag I add because advanced has some in it already?! The last 4 pics was them yesterday before I fed them. First coco grow. Maybe I’m just being paranoid?IMG_20210214_211653910_HDR|375x500

Coco needs to be fed frequently and needs to remain wet.

There is a growing philosophy that seems to work really well when growing in coco that I recently learned about and so far has shown tremendous results. It’s called “high frequency fertigation” that calls for feeding as many as six times a day using a timer. I haven’t set up an automated watering system yet, but I manually feed twice a day. Don’t seem to go anywhere these days so haven’t had to set up automatic feeding yet.

Every watering requires watering until runoff to keep the coco flushed and reduce salt buildup. This is why I’m manually watering to figure out daily requirements.

I’m not familiar with the Advanced Nutrients Coco Connoisseur so I looked it up and it seems like an impressive product. Might have to try it myself sometime. It has everything you need for growing in coco, no additional cal-mag required nor adjustment of pH. I do want to point out that this product specifically says that it is an advanced nutrient for experienced growers with at least a years growing experience under their belt, and everything else in the growing environment dialed in. Just thought I would point that out in case you don’t get the results you were hoping for.

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Not experienced in growing with straight coco myself but your plants seem to be happy IMO. The best way I have found to tell if a plant needs water is to feel how heavy the pot is. Even if your not watering to the edges of the pot to avoid overwatering (I did the same thing when transplanted from 4” pots to 10 gal) you can (and should) get to know the weight of a dry pot versus a wet pot. It’ll save you time in the long run so you don’t have to guess when you need to water. As your plant gets larger and needs more frequent and more volume of water you’ll know from feel and it becomes second nature. Good luck!

One more thing to consider is that depending on you light cycle during veg, the plants will “go to sleep” even when the lights are on. This is common for people running 24 hrs veg cycle and the plants will typically droop the leaves downward for a period of a few hours while “sleeping.” Once they wake up they perk back up! One way to limit this from giving you a scare is to run an 18/6 or 20/4 veg light cycle. The drooping can be seen in many time lapse videos on YouTube. Good luck!

Awesome advice guys thank u for ur time. The guy at my local hydro store was really talking it up. Today I found out to get the perfect ph there are two more parts. Voodoo juice and something else. I told someone when they were seedlings what I used and he said use cal-mag every watering!! So I have been the past 4 waterings. I guess it hasn’t hurt them maybe stunted growth. Because by now in my old soil runs the would be a deep green these are light green. Would I be able to switch nutrients? I was thinking of nuke heads and it sounds like great results and kinda a no brainier feeding. Thanks for letting me know about run off. It’s been on my mi d every time I water. And how many plants do u recommend in a 5x5 with a sonofarm sf4000?

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Can’t give any recommendations on salt based nutes but if you want carefree, affordable and foolproof growing you should look into organics. Mix in your dry amendments, water with plain water ph’ed to what you like and to dress with dry amendments maybe once in veg and once or twice in bloom. I know there is a huge debate about organic growing smaller buds blah blah blah but I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. These plants are grown in 100% organic no-till soil. You could even switch to organic bottle nutes this run during flower and then go to dry amendments on your next run.

These plants are 12-15 feet tall, yes they are outdoors and the sun makes huge plants but you can do the same thing indoors on a smaller scale :call_me_hand:t3: