Plants similar to Cannabis?

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Possibly a weird question… I live in Australia where it’s proving rather difficult to obtain the “correct” soil for my very first grow… Yes I could put together my own but before I resort to that (I’m sure it’s easy but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to get this all right and being so sick!) I’ve found a gardening place where they mix up soil for you to any specs you want.

So my question is, what plant uses the most similar soil to weed? So that if the gardening place asks me what I want it for I don’t have to say weed! (It’s not yet legal here). I’ve tried to find answers online, most answers were tomatoes but I’m not sure if they were correct?

Thanks guys :laughing:

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Newbi myself but I think that is correct.

Tomatoes and roses are genetically closet. It’s kinda like a pig to human.

Perfect! Thanks, appreciate your responses! :nerd_face:

for starting your seeds you will want something a little less rich like a standard seed starting mix. So layer your soil or transplant into the rich mix when they get 5 nodes or so too rich of a soil will fry roots and leaves.

Y’know, tomatoes is probably the best answer, but I remember when I first experimented years ago, a friend said to tell people “African violets.” I think it may have something to do with lighting, I remember, but he said that’s closest to what it takes for growing pot.

Corn has the soil nute needs. Thats why its always plantend in corn fields. The have the same growth veg and flower schedule


African violet may have been mentioned because they both like acidic growing conditions, but ganga best compares to any woody plant, if asked I would just say :tomato:

  • best of luck!
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I’ll be growing an auto just for this first grow so do you think it’d be best to do the topsoil method that doesn’t involve transplanting? I assume topsoil means I’d put a less nutrient rich soil just at the top and then the rest of the pot would be filled with the more nutrient rich stuff? So as the plant grows its roots will reach the nutrient rich soil when its a bit bigger / can handle it? (If that makes sense!) Excuse my noob ignorance!! :sweat_smile:

layering is what they call it you would fill roughly 1/3rd of pot with rich soil then middle with blended mix of starter and your custom mix around 3:1 starter ratio then top 3rd is just starter soil this method works best with deep 5 gallon pail. Keep in mind this works best with deep pots and if done properly will feed plant through entire grow I use reg photo seeds so for me I simply change soil with each transplant

you can clearly see the layers in the root mass this lady is on final transplant so now in a rich soil and smart pot

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Welcome @Dopehat,great question, @Donaldj hit it right on for me , I’m a newbie also just started growing this year and this is how I started mine, worked well for me. Please keep in touch with us on your first grow, soo exciting !!

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Ive been using Canna-Terra Pro soil, 50l bag cost a but over $30 at the local hydro store. Its great soil and ph-ed around 6.5 already, if you want an easy option without having to get a mix made up, then i suggest going the canna soil. Its probably the closest you’ll get to the fox farms range of soil here in Aus. I also started seedlings in it this year after germinating and they took to it fine so its obviously not too hot, but will still feed your plants throughout a good portion of veg without any added nutes.

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