Plants set out borderline to early. Any suggestions? Pics below

As the title states, I put my plants out around May 12. Two of the plants started to develop bud sites. They been in this quasi flowering state for about 3 weeks. Not developing any larger than this. Would picking off the bud sites help get this thing back to vegetative state? I have any auto blueberry muffin that started to flower around the same time and those buds are developing nicely, so I can tell the photos are in a stagnant state.

Looks like they already switched back to veg. Any new leaves growing out of buds beans they have started the transition away from flower.

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Looks to me like they will re-veg. Long daylight hours are here.

My first year growing we started them on the windowsill in February and they flowered at about 5 weeks. That’s when I bought my first lights. They re-vegged ok but had funny looking tomatoe like leaves for a couple months.


How far north are you?

Your pots seems small…don’t they?

I’m in the St. Louis metro area. Yeah those pots are a tad small. Gonna re-pot in 35 gal this week out in the country.

Also, must a have been a bit stoned…my auto is a mephisto grape skywalker, not blueberry muffin. lol

Happy Cake Day, @PurpNGold74.

@Deer_Meat02 Autos will flower on their own without changing the light cycle. If it is a photo, then you can likely reveg it depending on the day length in your area (should be 14+ hours of sunlight.)

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yeah I was just using the auto for reference. I believe it is re-vegging per Purp. Gonna let er go and see what happens. These were clones from a pheno hunt that weren’t keepers.

Any thoughts or guesses as to how flower will go later this summer?

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What seeds did you plsnt?

This is always a good place to start and learn to identify potential issues with you planr.