Plants seem to have stalled in growth

From a fellow grower: plants have stopped growing. These are the lights I used for the first 5 months,they have muti - color lights and after I saw the plants weren’t getting any bigger I took them outside and is been a month and they’re still not getting any bigger others nothing. Was spraying 3 times a day, now I water them every 3ays, the ones that been planted for 5months and I checked soil
I just spray light MIST on the ones I just Planted 3times a day like the video said. I used coco coir/ peerlite / soil i get from Feed Store plant food that I used on all plant/fruit tress that grows without any problem.


Are these plants autos?

Could be any number of problems. I see a couple and then would like to request more information.

The lights there are worthless for growing cannabis. If in artificial lighting, ~200 watts of quality lighting (Samsung LM301 diodes) per plant is best. It’s reasonable to use more simple lighting such as a T5 fixture if moving the plants outdoors after a couple of weeks, though I would suggest at least 100 watts per plant if doing this. The light you have was misrepresented by the seller. Any light of this style is far less capable than the seller claims.

pH, PPM, lighting while developing, improper watering, incorrect soil, or improper feeding can be the cause of stunting.

Cannabis does best in a soil properly buffered for cannabis. Options include a Fox Farm Product, Coast of Maine, Roots Organics, or Black Magic. Some soils found in such stores are terrible for cannabis. What soil (brand and type) has been used? Soils that say “feeds for x months” or “moisture control” can cause stunting. Miracle Grow and Vigaro are example of poor soils.

Not a good idea to ever spray a cannabis plant unless you have to to treat mold or bugs. It invites more problems than it can potentially solve.

Cannabis has unique nutrition requirements. It’s best to use a fertilizer product intended for cannabis such as Jacks 321, Advanced Nutrients, or the Fox Farm Trio.

You may find this helpful:

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These are deep into flower stage and will not grow any bigger.

Its hard to say without more information as @MidwestGuy said as to why they are small, but I just wanted to add that once a plant hits the flower stage they will not grow any new branches or bud site (aka get bigger), once in flower, they only grow flowers (aka buds).
My assumption is that these are just about finished up.
Let the grower know if they join us here for their next grow, we will walk them through the entire grow seed to harvest :grin:


I figure that they are autos, but it is uncommon for that many autos in a grow to be so stunted in veg. We’ve all seen our share of stunted autos that were no fault of the grower, but when all of them are stunted then there are probably other problems that need to be addressed.

A good, positive message that I neglected. :slight_smile:

To the grower: you are in the right place. The collective of growers here have decades of combined experience and everyone tries to keep this a positive, helpful, and respectful place to gain knowledge. Start a journal thread here in the forum and the community will help see you through and coach you for the entire grow from germination through harvest, curing, and long-term storage.