Plants seem to be dying?!

PH n PPM meters sell for $20 a set. Well worth the money. PH for soil should be around 6.5

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like @Drinkslinger said:

and pH 6.5 is sweet spot in soil… until you can get your pH in check it is highly recommended that you Do Not flower. When pH is right and she bounces back and starts growing vigorously again, then flower. hope this helps


The plants are already starting to flower naturally. Could it be that I’m not giving it’s the proper nutrients?
I’m buy a ph pen as well.
I wasn’t very good in physics lol so once I get the pen what’s the best thing I can use to get the ph down?
The soil I am using is a professional growing mix… it’s a peat base with formiculyte that I got from hydro lite. A couple of the plants i haven’t transplanted are just in black dirt and those ones seem to be doing the best. I don’t get it.

Not sure where you are, but rainwater pH is all over the scale, especially if you are near big cities.
I would recommend baking soda for pH up and lemon juice for pH down…there are tons of different ones to use.

The difficult thijg for a newbie to grasp I think is nutrient availability. The pH of your water and soil will allow your plants access to the nutrients…or not.
Things could be going well then you have a very acid or base rain that throws pH off of every plant and youre left scratching your head.

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I am in central Alberta. I don’t live near a big city and I have well water but figured that rain water would be better to use. We started off on the well water and they seemed to be doing great. Until I added the iguana juice. Then I started seeing some changes so I got a rain barrel and started using that but I still noticed differences so I stopped using the iguana juice. Now I am scratching my head at a loss because I don’t want these girls to die :frowning:

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The main thing is we need data to get a good solution for you and even know where things are at.

Definitely get a pH meter or pH strips.
Water plants with distilled water (measure pH) and capture the water that runs off or out from the plant. Measure that runoffs pH and record number.

How I do fir my crops is do a soil pH test where you get a big handfuls of dirt, put that in water, shake up then let sit then measure water pH level. Is pretty accurate of soil pH.

This number helps us understand what pH level your babies are living at. This then helps us identify exactly what deficiencies, etc you may have.

Also detail your watering schedule, how much and how often you water?

What nutrients do they receive if any?
What conditions were they in befire you got them? Shady to sunny? Hot to cold? Etc

Things like this help us paint a picture of the plants life and sorta narrow in on any potential issues.

One thing youll be pleased to know is plants are incredibly resilient as a rule :slight_smile:

When you add nutes to water it drops the pH. Hence you started seeing problems only after you started feeding them. You have to adjust feeding solution to the proper pH before giving it to the plants.

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Sorry i just seen this no the rain water is fine you just have to adjust the ph. And always make sure to adjust the ph after mixing your nutes in right before you feed.