Plants seem to be at a stall


these plants aren’t your good seeds like you would get here but I did a ok job so far. until now it seems. I have pics on my topic " more than I bargained for" this is my first time and I did a lot of mistakes as for not cutting my plant leaves and stems and such for the flowering and budding. I have buds everywhere. up top theyre big, but hardly seem to be getting much bigger. this is week 9 of flowering and they still look green and thye pistols are still white. What can I do to maybe get them to boost some more. do some plants take longer than others to mature to its fullest id imagine. I have a 4x4 x7 ft tent. I’m using 1000 watts of light 12 and twelve. the buds lower are small though. with 8 females I might have a quarter pound with all right now and I hope someone can help me to get a better yield please


Are you giving them flowering nutes? Also, is light penetrating the canopy of the plants to the lower branches? What is your watering schedule?


If the pistils are still white be patient the 9 weeks you are talking about are since light flip right? when you first started seeing full flowers is when weeks start also each strain is different if you have a sativa you could be in flower 12-16 weeks maybe even longer


@Donaldj Is Exactly right… :wink:
Sounds like your plants are still flowering… :wink:
I normally run 12 to 16 weeks depending on strain and how well the grow is going … and those numbers are from light flip… :wink:
But at least 10 to 12 weeks for milky trichomes… from light flip… :wink:
Patience young grasshopper… :wink:

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Patients is the key dude ,I had a plant ( my first) that took 6 months before I harvested the first half !
A good thing to try out is dry out a few banana peels and crush it up and make a tea and feed your plants with it , it boosts the potassium levels in the ground and balances the bacteria in the ground


Have you done any lst on girls ? Gets alot of light to lower branches.


I water every other day giving around 750ml ea plant. Ive given them a booster twice so I’m guessing I need to use it again. ive used booster at 3 weeks and 6 weeks. I guess its time again. There are white crystals from hell. ill try and get more photos shot and thanks guys and gals. yes since light flip


Thank you everyone immensely! Should I get some 40 or 60 watt led lights to sit on the bottom of the tent for more lighting? Again I’m new and these questions are probably dumb. The tent is reflective. Do white crystals have anything to do with potency?


Plants don’t absorb light through the bottom of their leaves so that may not be very helpful @EvilSteven. You mentioned 1,000 watts of light. What kind are you running?


2 500 watt spectrum led lights.12 band with built in fans


I wouldn’t put light on bottom for the reasons @Myfriendis410 stated if anything some side lighting might helps but @Donaldj is on point as well but shoot he always is haha


@Laurap I don’t understand what you mean about have I done any first on girls?


lst LST (Low Stress Training) basically have you bent limbs tied down or is your plant all natural growth


I would suggest that you add more light to your grow space. Your plants will benefit greatly in flower. That’s enough light for vegging but probably not enough for dense buds.

Those lights in total probably don’t put out 500 watts at the plug. The rule of thumb for led’s is 35 watts per square foot. But that’s actual draw. Just FYI.


See @donaldjs answer


How much more lighting would you suggest?. I have some pics now


Based on pics I would say you are about week 6 so still another 2-3 weeks of fattening could be longer since they appear quite sativa dominant they will get bigger yet and as for side lighting any 2700k cfls would help some but your ladies look quite healthy


This is week 10 starting 11. I shyst you not @Donaldj. These are from the topic almost 3 weeks in. It’s really been that dog gone long.


you counted right from flip 12/12 and having done more than a few grows I am basing my opinion on pictures you provided and the math of around 3 week stretch deducted placing them by appearance week 6 maybe starting week 7 :wink:
they grew over double since 12/12 right? if so they expressed a strongly Sativa gene the node spacing is large also sativa trait or some heavy light leaks. If they are acting like a sativa they will take anywhere from 10-16 weeks to finish


@Donaldj, thank you for helping and giving me different ways of looking at things. I can’t afford much but would some led lights up top help more?