Plants seem stunted

Barney’s Farm : Biscotti Mintz photos
4x4 tent with AC Infinity 400w LED 45k lux at canopy
VPD-.8-1.1 75-80* 65%rh
Foxfarm nutes in organic soil with perlite
First time grower

The below plants are almost one month old from seed. I feel like they aren’t stretching enough. Foliage is dense and they continue to develop healthy nodes. Am I over thinking this? Will they start to stretch soon or am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated.


Look good in my opinion Growmie. I use DLI to set my lighting instead of LUX so I’m not much help with that but raising your light and intensity can promote better node spacing. The good thing is their photo periods and you have the ability to veg them as long as you want to get them where you want them to switch the lighting period for flower :love_you_gesture:


I’m with @OGIncognito with this one :100: they look fantastic for 30 days from seed. You will notice a massive difference in the next 14 days. You are not overthinking it you’re just anticipatory. Patience is a virtue when growing cannabis. I run a 480 watt light at 50% 30inches from my plants 24/0 for my entire vegetative stage. Those look very healthy and very healthy in two weeks they will double in girth they will be outside the pots with growth spread. Keep on trucking welcome to the forum! :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Thanks all for the encouragement and advice. I’ll continue the process and check back in a couple weeks to update on the progress. I can now go back to staring at them endlessly :joy:


@Budsman its a great trait. You will notice the subtle changes after studying your plants. They will tell you if there is something wrong before it becomes a full blown crisis. Nothing wrong with spending time with the girls. They will appreciate the attention and will show their appreciation in a few months. :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:


Welcome to the forum @Budsman A great place for great advise.


Keep up the good work plants look great.
Welcome to the Community !




Those look very healthy be proud and your expectations will soon come to fruition

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Update: 7 days from original post. Plants have been topped at the 4th node.

Can I defoliate the large fan leaves at the bottom? Take em all?

Welcome @Budsman !!

Lots of growers would be tickled pink to see such healthy plants like you have. I grow flat bushes too and they yield just fine.

Great looking! IMHO, you don’t really need to reduce light. The cola stems will stretch some even during the veg.

I would not defoliate just yet except the leaves that are totally hidden under the canoy.

And here’s what I am doing to my photoperiod this time… I’m going to top 2 more times for hopefully a structure of 16 mega colas.


welcome to the community. I completely understand the starring at them part lmao. I still check on mine multiple times a day. my first grow it got so bad my wife got jealous. me calling them my girls probably didnt help. Im still very much amazed with watching them develop and grow. Im also guilty of naming all my gals.


Hahaha! “Honey, are you going down in the basement again?”

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You topped early huh? I’m assuming no significant stress to the plant? I started some LST in the above picture as well. Trying to bring some of the branches out from under the ridiculous canopy of Indica leaves. The damn things are bigger than my hand.

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Yes, since it’s a photo I topped down to the 3rd node after it reached the 5th.