Plants ready to harvest, or no?

This plant has been budding for a couple months, I’m not good at keeping records. It’s actually 3 plants growing in one very large pot. And I can’t tell if they’re ready or not because the bud structure seems to be made out of these little curly burly leaves without many pistols

What do you think? The strain is Red Mandarin from sweet seeds. It’s not an auto but it does have some ruderalis in it’s genetics, so it’s flowering earlier, they call it a “fast version”.

Need close up pics, but I’m gonna go with no.


These aren’t close enough, so I guess I’ll get some better pics. But I now suspect that my question of are they ready is just wishful thinking on my part :confused:


White pistils. You have several weeks to go.


They look kind of like they’re trying to reveg. You don’t have any light leaks do you? I’ve got a granddaddy purple going that did the same thing. I think might might have been caused by light stress plus to much nitrogen.

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There’s no light stress that I know of. But there’s been some caterpillar stress, after I picked a couple of caterpillars off the buds. I’m treating the plants with, I forget what it’s called the organic bacteria thing, that only kills caterpillars.

Looks like it to me as well, how many hours of sunlight are they getting?

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7 to 8. On the side of the house, with total darkness in the night. The lower parts of the plants have grown like they’re new though. Like totally different than the rest of the plant. I’ll try to find a picture.

See what I mean? Lower parts of plant are growing new like. So that must be the reveg you were saying about.

In another story, another neighboring plant is getting budful and really purple. The only one with colors so far. Red Mandarin.

Also hard to tell when it’s ready because it’s all purple like.

I sprayed the caterpillar invested plants down with the bacillus thuringeinsis solution. Just so, you know you’re up to date with the latest exciting news lol. So now we can all get on with our lives as if nothing has happened here today and everything is “normal”.

That’s bizarre!! Do you have a way of checking the trichomes? There’s no harm in harvesting the top when the time comes and letting the new growth finish up separately. :man_shrugging:

Also the purple coming out in that plant is awesome. I’m a little hung over, hopefully you are not spraying the bud itself.

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I have this microscope thing you hook up to your computer to look at stuff up close. If I can figure out how it works again I’ll try that.

Yeah the new growth on the bottom of plants is totally bizarre I never saw that before. Be interesting to see how I’m going to harvest it,
The bacillus whatever it’s called is harmless, I sprayed it everywhere, 24 hours after using it the bacteria is dead. This is organic bacteria, it’s non toxic, except for caterpillars.

I’m hungover too!! lol

Anyone tell me if these white widows are ready to harvest?