Plants per square foot

From a fellow grower: Im enquiring about the auto flower seeds well more the way its worded so when you say 4-6oz per 3ft by 3ft what are we saying i need like 9 plants to get 4-6oz? Or how does that work?

Welcome to the community that would be one plant

What it actually means is - if you filled an entire 3’ x 3’ space (e.g. a grow tent) with the strain (1 nice big plant in a 5-7 gallon pot, 3-4 tightly fitting in 3 gallon pots or wall to wall with 9 little 1 gallon pots) you could theoretically get 4-6 ounces.
I usually take those claims and assign the lower number to a single plant for a somewhat realistic outlook.
In your example, I would just say “4 ounces from one plant.”
Of course, there are a hundred variables that could make your grow better or worse. The advertised numbers (just like the predicted number of flowering days) are based on a somewhat perfect grow. If you are new to the hobby, don’t get overly optimistic your first time around.

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I didn’t have a scale to weigh my plants from the get go. I corrected that later on. My first plant was a White Widow fem photo. I managed to get 3 small mason jars full of small nugs.

Now between that one to my Blue Dream this year was enough to tide me over till my Blue Dream was harvested. When it was all said and done I got 3.32 oz off a 39” tall Blue Dream. This was my best crop to date. Well till my GSC gets harvested.