Plants outside during barbecue


Plants outside during barbecue will smoke effect plants


Growing my plants indoors temp goin to be 90 plus and humid should I leave indoors under light


No it should not they mite just like it…lol



Ok thks now I grow indoors and bring them outside to save on elec temp goin to be 90+ and humid should I leave them indoors under lights


If you can I would leave them inside. You don’t want to stress her out any.



If the plants are close to the time to be harvested and the barbecue smoke coats your flowers, your smoke will taste like your barbecue.


Well just think of it…you’ll get munchies from smoking but feel full at the same time…lmao

I’m sorry but you did leave your self wide open on that one…Stoner😁



Hmm, I’m not even that big a fan of BBQ flavored potato chips, I’d prefer my Ganja preferably without added smoke flavor, especially as I almost never consume via combustion anymore, I pretty much vape 100% of the time now-a-days. ;-), lol.


I was just kidding around with ya Stoner…and ya I got to get to buying a good one for my self. Any suggestions sir…



I know you were joking around, no bigs…

I know Latewood seems to like his Iolite, I got one and like it ok.

I hear the Iolite Wispr2 is liked a little better by those than need really thick draws/vapor. I think iolites and wispr2’s go for about $80-$150, I got my iolite1 on sale from the factory direct for about $60 on black Friday, lol.

For a quick hit it and forget it, I love the MFLB, but it has heavy learning curve in my opinion. And The MFLB is one of the more affordable ones and has an excellent lifetime warranty. Usually one can find one with factory warranty on e-bay for about $80. Some people seem to think the MFLB doesn’t evenly cook your herb and thereby it waste some, however it seems to make less go a lot further for me and I don’t think it is wasting it as when I put what is left over in one of my more expensive vapes that makes everything uniformly brown without any green left, I don’t seem to be able to get much more out if it.

My favorite vape is the Haze Tech, I’d wait till late June however to get the newest model if you go that route, in the $200+ portable vapes price range.

For home use, non-portable vapes, my favorite is the VripTech, that can turn almost any clean water pipe into one of the best most flavorful vapes ever. My haze Tech seems to work almost as good though, not quite as much flavor though, the MFLB has great flavor too btw, and both are much more convenient.

P.S. What I mean by hit it and forget it, it is, the MFLB, is closer to the convenience of hitting a pipe. It is almost instant on and instant off, the way you can hit a pipe with a flame and get a little hit and leave the rest of the bowl for later. With most vaporizers, there is warm up time, and then it takes a long time to totally cool as well. And with those types it is more like smoking a joint, where you want to stay and invest some time continuing to smoke the whole joint until it is totally finished.


Thank you so much for taking the Time to explain it to me the way you did…perfect perfect perfect I’ve been trying to find someone who knew what they are taking about. Because I really need one in a bad way,but very concussed about it. I don’t mine spending the money for my health. So once again Thank You now I now what to do.