Plants outgrowing grow box

A question from a fellow grower:

i got all the seeds about 5 months ago and now 2 of my 4 plants are getting bigger than my grow box and burning the top buds, should i cut the top to stop growing?
Thanks for all your help.

One can top or Fim your pant’s to stop vertical growth ;buy; the plant will get a bit bushy and you will have issue’s doing that – best to transplant your plants in bigger container’s - if possible. Can also do a SCROG !

You have 4, 5 month old plants in what size grow box?

I don’t know if I’d cut the top buds off, tho, try and bend the plant, LST it to grow horizontal under the light.

Topping and fim’ing, vegetative growth techniques?

Hi guys im the fellow grower, they are 75 days in a 40cm growbox. I will try bend them, but out of the size thats reaching the led they look good.
Thanks for the answers.