Plants only grow 2 inches and then fall over and die

A question from a fellow grower:

Okay here’s the problem I’m having I put the seeds in a mason jar for one night they open up and then I put them in a paper towel for one night and when they get a big enough tail on it or not I’ll put them directly into Coco. Tail pointing down.

I have the Coco in a smart pot and they are inside of a 7in dome terrarium in a 10 x 20.

They start growing fine they come up to be about 2 or 3 in tall. They even get tall enough where I have to put more cocoa around it to hold it up better.

And then they will stop growing. they’ll only get 2 in tall and stop growing. They stay green and at 2 in for another week, a week and a half, but won’t get any taller and then they fall over.

This seems to happen every time. now when I got the seeds I only planted two or three at a time so this routine has happened three times already. Grow to 3in and then they stop.

There is a picture of my 7 inch Dome.

If you would like I can take a picture of the entire room so you get a better idea but I’ll attach the picture of the dome for right now.

Now as far as the strain goes we are looking for an extreme couch lock effect. I am helping two of my friends who have MS. Multiple sclerosis. They are cooped up all day in a wheelchair or laying in bed and their legs tend to lock up on them to where we have to pull them apart it’s really crazy. so relaxing sedated effect is what we’re looking for…

Strain is GSC extreem




Ph is 6.0 to 6.2

Ec is .50

Light on 6am till 12 am

Day temp is 83 degrees F

Night temp is 72

Rh 58% day

70 % night

6" fan venting 3 tents

Then its reduced down to 4"

Filtered thru a 6" charcoal filter in another room.

14000 btu ac running 18 hrs a day

25’ x 12’ room

Dehumidifier running

We are striving for 50%

Co2 turns on 3x a day for 5 minutes it brings it up to 1300 PPM

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Is it straight coco coir? PH should be closer to 5.8 If so. Also sounds like they are stretching so need to get the light closer pending on the light like a couple inches away. May be stretching so much they can’t support their self’s. How long after they are standing up do they die? Coco has no nutrients in it so you may need to give them some. That is if it’s just straight coco. Also what’s the watering practice?

How deep are you planting them?

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Are you keeping dome over them once they’ve sprouted a bit? Air circulation helps make strong plants

@PharmerBob Morning sir!

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Morning Jb

welcome to the forum. Sounds like you got some serious stretching going on. They may be damping off which is a result of over watering. Good luck with your grow


Yes I’m using Straight Coco and the light is far away it’s like two or three feet above where the dome is… I didn’t think I was supposed to use any nutrients so I’m using Straight RO water I have a little syringe and I dab it on like three times a day

I’m only planting them I half inch or an inch down. And yes I keep the Dome on the seed the entire time it stays standing for a good week and a half almost 2 weeks before it falls over

And I really do appreciate the help thank you

Try only placing the seed a quarter of an inch mist your young sprout with a spray bottle and move your light closer. You could always try a different grow medium. Just my 2cents good luck.

What light is it? If it’s low powered and the domes on you need to be with in inches. Do you have perlite in the coco? Also as mentioned just spritz of water at a time. Seedling feed thru the moisture in the air when starting out. I just keep my dome misted as I’m not big on spraying my plants.

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I had the same problem when I first started and learned through reading posts here that it was lack of light. They’d stretch, then fall over and die.
Put a CFL nice and close so they’re not reaching for light.


Welcome back! And good tip. CFLs are practically made fr seedlings. Can almost touch them and not burn.

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Thanks yes I am going to try a different medium the Coco is just pure Coco No perlite in it

I’m leaning towards overwatering… :wink:


Look into Coco Loco from Bushmaster(Fox Farms) it’s a coco blend soil.

I hand water 3 or four times a day.

Thanks ive seen that

The Coco loco…

I got 2 big bags for $20 can’t beat that with a stick. This is my first go-around with it I’m hoping for good things. But I’m also using Happy Frog and ocean forest with perlite mixed in. This is my first grow so I’ll see what it’s like. Happy growing