Plants of 9 Weeks into Flowering

I will be starting my third grow in the spring :blush:

Hey thank you for your input. Here are some pictures of a plant that doesn’t look like any of the other ones. Could you give me your opinion on it.


True I would love to do that but I have no where to do that. So this grow will be taken down when most of it is there to.

Good morning. I checked the plants this morning for moisture and I decided to go this week to switch to harvest. Now they are wet enough for now but I am going to water all of them their last time for next watering. Now do you go into a 24 to 48 hours of dark before totally harvest. So if you have any thoughts or suggestions please let me know.

Well I do appreciate all the opinions I get. This is the area I mess up on. I like a high that’s body feel not headache type. I say I am getting really close. Going to be looking at them this morning to see what’s going on

Don’t know why but I didn’t get a notification that you were talking to me :thinking: that’s weird… anyways do you have a magnifier that you are using to look at the trichomes? I’m wondering if all of what I saw to be amber in the earlier pictures were on leaves because these look like they could use a little more time to get a little fatter

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If I don’t answer you in like 6 or more hours @ me because I didn’t get a notification before or just @ me anyway just to be sure

I have been paying attention. I have a jewelers loupe to look so I am getting better looking. I say I have at least another week or so. Also I have quit giving nutrients about over a week ago.

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Hello there. I was wondering if you know how to harvest top and let underneath grow. What do I need to do ?

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I don’t do mine like that but I would assume you just cut off what is ripe and leave the rest to finish up


You’ll need a separate area to dry your bud. If you have that then just decide what you want to harvest first.

I harvest my lower half at 9 weeks (White Widow outdoors) and then let the upper go a few more weeks.

It’s the top colas that are about ready to go. There is so many smaller buds underneath and I really like to save it and get full grown to. So I just trying to learn and get a good grow.

I get that and this is just a personal choice. With WW I get a racey high at 8-9 weeks. If I allow it to go a few more weeks, I get my pain/sleep medicine.


Ok thanks for giving me suggestions. Do you do 24 to 48 hours of dark before harvest?


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Hey I am sending updates of today’s buds. I hope you can give me a good opinion on them. Hubby is saying he doesn’t see any amber and I see the bud at its thc peak.


You will have to look at the trichomes there’s parts that look like they could be ready but I can’t tell if that’s a bunch of new growth or if they were wet with something causing the pistils to turn early or what’s going on exactly

Hey I am coming back for your opinion took some new pics of the buds.


They are looking great i love the colours of the buds what week of flower are they in coz im not seeing many white pistols

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Because they’re long skinny buds I want to say you need to let them go longer but most look pretty close to ready because of the pistils already curling up for the most part, the only way to know more is to look at the trichomes in probably 20 different places and make a judgment call.

Do you have any type of magnifier that you can use to see the trichomes? If so here’s a couple pictures that describes what to look for. You also have to make sure that you are looking at bud and not leaves, leaves are liars

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