Plants not growing very well, help


Some advice needed from a fellow grower:

I planted my seeds about 6 weeks ago, 3 did not germinate , I
received your replacement seeds today, thank you. But i’am not happy
with the way the rest of the plants are growing . First off my order #
was 12816. The plants are about 4 inches long with maybe 5 small leaves
and they are very leggy ( long and week ). They won’t even stand up.
They are notting like last years plants which grew great. Last years
plants were white widow . I’am using the same type of planting medium
and growing them in the same place. Repeating everything just like last
year. I need some help in what to do to get them stronger and start
growing upright and fuller, and stronger.

They are in my patio outside in Florida , USA. The temps are low 70’s at
night, highs are mid 80’s daytime. Part shade and part sunlight. The
growing med. is Jiffy natural and organic seed starting mix. I don’t
know the ph, but everything is the same as last year and last year they
were outstanding.