Plants need help


Were you running 18/6?


Yea i was.


That bill seems way too high bro, we have expensive power 36cents Per KWh and I run a 600w hps, 1000w heater and a couple of decent fans amd my bill at its worst was only $500. That’s including running a swimming pool and central heating in the house!


Yea from what im hearin here in hawaii its like 40cents. And they have peaks where from 5pm-10pm its 3x and in mornings its 2x. U just moved here i had no idea


Fooooooo that’s pretty bad. Some power companies have cheaper rates for power used at night, I guess because generally most people are asleep at night. So we try run the lights at night to take advantage of the cheaper power. Shop around your power providers you might find a better one :+1:


1 week later


She’s fine. Looking good.

Damnnnnnnn .40 cents a kilowatt? No wonder I live in New England where it’s always cold. I pay .15 cents


So after a week of 12/12 these lil guys popped up. Im i supposed to cut all the bottom leaves so it puts all energy into top buds? Or leave small ones all around? First grow


Let them be for now. They look happy :+1:




Do i start taking off big fan leaves or cleaning bottom up like they say shaving her legs?